Gardaí raid James McSweeney House 10 Berkeley St in Phibsborough

Gardaí raiding the James McSweeney House at 10 Berkeley St in Phibsborough last night.

Since May 12th, members of the Trotskyist ‘Revolutionary Housing League’ have been using asylum seekers to squat in the building after their camp was dismantled by locals on Sandwith St.

However, last Thursday a judge ordered gardaí to arrest and bring before the High Court all persons who were refusing to vacate the property which is owned by the Cabhrú Housing Association who want to redevelop it as housing for the elderly.

Previously, a judge had refused to order the arrest of the occupants due to a lack of evidence about their identities. However counsel for Cabhrú said they have since given copies of the court order to vacate to anyone entering or leaving the building in six different languages, but said it was impossible to identify the occupants as they have been covering their faces with masks.