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Garret the great pontificator.

He will never get it.

He has always been a shill for Brussels/NWO and he will never acknowledge that it’s our Eurozone membership that got us into this stupid mess.

But Edge, to accept that one must accept that our current difficulties were an inevitable consequence of being in the Euro. I don’t think that’s true at all. Fitzgerald’s two examples illustrate this perfectly: if we hadn’t become uncompetitive and if we hadn’t fuelled a problem boom, things would be a whole lot better. The issue isn’t the Euro per se but rather that Euro membership afforded an opportunity to a reckless government to make a complete balls of things, and they duly did.

And of course one only has to look at Iceland to see that Euro membership was not a requirement for a small open economy to gorge itself on a global credit binge. Quite frankly, we’re now better off for being within the euro because I have no doubt in my mind that

a) FF would have managed to get us into the same mess regardless of euro membership on the basis that Iceland proves it would have been possible
b) we’d be in an even bigger mess than Iceland right now if we had our own currency.

A regular Bliderberg attendee.

According to Wiki - Garret FitzGerald (1975, 1977, 1984, 1985, 1987), former Prime Minister of Ireland … _attendees - Check out the Ireland section.

I got as far as Forecast… I just stop reading whenever I hear a Fitzgerald start discussing ‘Forecasts’ … apple, tree, fall.
Chief forecaster at the ESRI is his son for those who dont know…

His son John was the first economist to point out that we were building insane amounts of empty properties while his brother Mark was the chief national property shill as boss of sherry fitz.

The dichotomy between the sons sums up Garret in a way. A very clever man and a sometimes very stupid politician but in my opinion an honorable man and certainly a very clever man .

Considering his age , he is almost 83, Garret is still one of the best writers on Irish economic matters . He was the best economic commentator in the Irish Times right through the 1990s in my opinion . Always a pleasure to read even if I did not agree with him .

He would be a great addition to the PIN given his writing and economic skills . I would be most honoured to share the same space as him !


In the shallow gene pool that is Irish Politics, Garret is about 30 Billion years more evolved than any TD currently a member of the FF Dail.

And at 83 he could still mix it with any of us :slight_smile:

Garret led the most well intentioned, honorable, and most incomptent government that this state has ever seen.

To lead you need a little backbone, and some conviction. His government makes the current lot look like supermen.

God save us from a retun to it.

You know what, while the “Soldiers of Destiny” claim they have the best interests of the nation in mind, the FG party that eventually formed the “Rainbow Coalition” had to make bigger sacrifices to their political principles than pretty much any Government before or since.

So FF what is Nationalism in Ireland ?

Is it being prepared to sacrifice your personal political agenda before the National need, or is it sacrificing the National need before your personal comfort ?

And so speaks a true Haugheyite…

This sort of shite might have passed muster 25 years ago from some hick FF’er just up from the sticks who was clueless about what really went on in the charmed circles in Dublin. But as the truth of what went on has come out (mostly) in the media in the last ten years, there is absolutely no excuse.

CJH was a petty criminal. RPB was a petty criminal. Off the top of head I can think of at least a dozen senior FFer active at the time who would have spent time behind bars in any normal functioning democracy. I’d actually cut them some slack if most of them had run their depts with any degree of competence but with a few exceptions, they were fuckwits one and all when the actually got their hands on the levers of power.

And the same is true of the current generation…

All coalition governments are bad marriages, that usually end in tears. But I’ll take a well intentioned fool over a muppet on the make any day. Because that is usually the only choice one gets. The fool will only screw me over by accident, but the FF muppets only goal is to deliberately screw us all over…

Which they have just done, yet again.

Say hello to yet another lost decade or two brought to you courtesy of FF.