Gary Breen takes a plunge into Cavan's Mansion Market

€1million :unamused:
Here’s one of the houses in question … an/219699/

I’ll never forget after coming back from the World Cup in 2002, Gary Breen signed as a free agent for West Ham for an estimated 25 grand a week sterling net.

If I remember correctly that was because Barcelona and Inter were in the running for his services at the time :slight_smile:

By the way, were you one of those fuckers that was always singing about dreaming of a team of Gary Breens :smiling_imp:

Check the date

No but I used to describe him as the Franz Beckenbauer of Irish football! :stuck_out_tongue:

Both footballing centre halves. The only difference was Beckenbauer’s mastery of self-publicity :slight_smile:

Who, these guys …


Blue Horseshoe

Where did they say that Gary BOUGHT in that estate ???

The only truth in the first post were the asking prices. :wink:

€1m … now *thats *a joke :laughing:

I thought you were feckin’ joking!