GAteway Student Village

BAllymun won’t often appear on these hallowed pages but this is an interesting proposition.

16 3bed student apartments asking €1.35m with a 2015 rental of €152,500, IE €9,500 per unit. Given that the advertised student rents are more like €6,500 per room, I assume that this rent is net of management charges, and that the near 10 year lease is a full repairing and insuring covenant.

Seems almost too good to be true. Even if you had to let it out to SW tenants at the end of the lease, the yield would be good. it’s next to Ballymun Garda station too so I’m guessing that there’s little trouble. … -9/3618837

If it’s purpose-built student accommodation, it may not be required to meet the standards required for normal rental.

DSP won’t pay rent supplement for properties in Ballymun in order to ensure tenure mix