Gaurus, Ennis, Co. Clare -525k (-43.7%)

Was €1.2m apparently. now 675k

Can’t find any links to substantiate the €1.2m claim though…

It was originally with Arthur & Lees and it had been POA in 2008. In 2009 they dropped it to €650. Viewed it in June 09, nice house but it is very dated inside and would take a lot of money to renovate. Was concerned by having the lake right up to the back garden. I wonder what is was like in the flood at Christmas?

Yea the ad last year with the lake photo’s looked exceptional, But I was wondering the very same thing regarding the fllooding last year, There seems to be some old industrial land (disused quarry perhaps) on the other side of the lake.
It’s a very nice looking house but I can’t imagine there are too many prospective buyers around Ennis with that sort of wedge.