Gay Property Market Booming like its 2005....

Edgy, Cosmopolitan, old Dublin, shabby chic…Dublin 8 is like so cool…of course some of us knew this already…we just didnt know that Terenure was such a cold house for gay people…but thanks to the IT we do now… … tml?via=mr

You are so behind the times:


More extensive discussion here.

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That has been said…

“We wouldn’t feel comfortable in say, Terenure. It’s a very nice area with very nice houses and it’s very safe, but it’s not us, it’s not gay people. This street is full of all sorts of different households. We fit in because everybody is different.”

Interesting comment from the gay couple, especially in the light of all the recent discussion over gay marriage and adoption and the notion that they are, “just like everybody else.” It seems nice family areas such as Terenure are too “straight” for them. Can you imagine the PC furore if a couple refused to take up a social housing unit in a particular area on the basis that “it’s not us, it’s not white people?”

Anyway, I know a (straight) couple who live on one of those “pink” Portobello Streets and they love it. As one of them put it: “You never know when you might need to borrow a Dusty Springfield album.”

Good to know the gay market is bottomed out.


I would have thought there would be much less chance of homophobic attack in Terenure rather than my neck of the woods in Dublin 8.

Immigrants who they extoll as being charming can be quite old fashioned in their attitudes too.

Would you really be better off walking hand in hand or kissing the boyfriend in Pimlico rather than Eton Square?

As has been said before by Tximiri about Dublin 8, a couple of hundred yards makes a huge difference in the quietness of the life you’ll have in Dublin 8. It can be peaceful and charming. It can be menacing quite close by.

who picked that bottom?
was it a soft landing?

nope, it all blew up in their faces :blush:

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of being the only gay in the village.

Agreed - Also I think you can choose to live in more diverse areas close to the city once you don’t have kids. The majority of gay people are in adult only households. Once kids, schools and who they could run into in their neighbourhood comes into play its amazing how your attitude changes. I spent 4 years in my late 20s/early 30s living in a rough area in north dublin city. Even as a single female I loved it - and the unsavoury elements of the area were not that threatening when I only had myself to worry about. There is no way I would live there now as a mother though.

I live in D8, don’t have kids yet but will be happy to raise them here when I do. There’s plenty of green space around, local sports clubs and well regarded schools. I grew up on a homogeneous, “safe” suburb and still got bullied by other kids, some rough, some rich.

Have started considering D8 and was wondering about the schools situation. Are there a slew of good primary/secondary schools near the area?

Secondary wise I was thinking there is probably a good few in d6 which isn’t miles away.