Gazprom: Russia to cut gas supplies to Ukraine

As of Thursday morning all supplies to Ukraine will be cut apparently … AD95DUQ280

Looks like my gas price will be up again next month,thank god for all this deflation thats I all I say,what would it cost if we had INFLATION ?

The view from

December 31, 2008 | 1745 GMT

Russia has cut supply looks like we wont be effected certainly in the short term or should that be therm … refer=home

Not a good day to be in Austria, Bulgaria I think has been completely cut off…watch this space

Romania and Greece also affected according to RTE news.

Nothing to to with the temperature plummeting all over central and Eastern Europe in the last two days…timing is everything

They certainly know how to play chess. This unipolar world the seems to suit Russian tactics more than it does the US.

National sport :laughing:

Things getting more interesting … AD95HRE700

All this dicking around by the Russians with gas and how we can be held to ransom with oil prices especially with the potential for anything to happen in the middleeast sure makes a strong arguement for a country to be self sufficient from a fuel perspective. Nuclear anyone? Oh sorry I forgot we’re going green as FF feel its an easy way to screw tax out of us while telling us we are saving the planet. What a shower of c**** :angry:

No Russian gas now reaching Austria … dChannel=0

Now that’s what I call upping the ante :nin

The Ukraineans are Standing Up to the Russians. They can block the Gass Pipes coming from Russia through the Ukraine. They can also introduce sanctions on the Russian cargo - transport - lorries coming from Russia to Europe through the Ukraine. They are in a strategic location. They are not going to take the Russians cutting off the Gass Pipes lying down. This will starve Gazprom from receiving any income for their energy transferrs - which will seriously maden the Russians. This is all about money and energy. The Germans won’t like this.

This game is not over yet