GBP = Old Irish Punt

That’s the old converting rate for the punt to the Euro!

So, that means the Great British Pound is as strong as the Punt was pre-Euro.

Amazing stuff really, what does it mean in terms of British imports, surely they are feeling the pinch versus the rest of the eurozones purchasing power parity!!!

And what does it mean for Irish exports? If we had a manufacturing base, they’d be screaming in agony at this stage… No such noises however, funnily enough…

do we have any manufacturing left?

As I’d mentioned briefly before the film industry has been hammered by the falling dollar. Mary Queen of Scots will be the first Hollywood flick to shoot here since King Arthur, and that (MQOS) took a strong experienced producer, free involvement of Defense forces as extras, and Above-The-Line talent having EU passports (basically the film’s budget gets back c19% of whatever the star gets paid), and possibly lying about the potential of unfriendly industrial action!

The Tudors filming in Ireland this summer is down from 10 episodes last year to 8 episodes this year as the locked exchange rate went from something like €1:$1.36 2007 to €1:$1.56 2008.


Myself and OW had a mate in that who was an extra and he wasn’t in the Defence forces!!! He was paid too… Spent most of the day lying down dead and reading the paper apparently…

Its Mary Queen of Scots where the lads will work for free. Anyone on King Arthur would’ve been paid. Guessing about 150 a day or something? The budget was about €100m, everyone on it was earning a packet… and buying houses with their paychecks!

Now that there’s less work going around crews think they should be paid more to compensate, pushing up budgets, increasing IR problems, and making it hard to get films financed, leading to less work, yadda, yadda :unamused:

Nice feedback loop… This in addition to the falling dollar, the auld competitiveness chestnut. Where’s me lifeboat? :open_mouth:

I do believe he got a lot less than that!!! Maybe because he was blonde and only a Norse… :laughing:

He needs a new agent :laughing:

Its much easier to guage if you take the other way of looking at it.

€1 = £0.787564


€1 = stg£0.7928

And for those over 50 rednecks like myself who are around since pounds, shillings and pence £1Irish is worth approx £1 Sterling. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: