G'DAY! Mass-vaccination clinics have opened in Melbourne, but people are not showing up?



Including some Irish lads!


Is this becoming a global pattern?

One lad up a poll calling “horseshit” - https://t.me/davidebergeseQ/8285

When They’re Gone, They’re Gone!

More Americans Now Eligible For Covid-19 Vaccine Than Ever—But Mass Vaccination Sites Are Shutting Down Over ‘Decreased Demand’

Think they’re trying to spook people with the time-limited offer marketing dollar pin… create some pop-up-shot mania? :money_mouth_face:


20’s somethings and their grandparents in Ireland are probably having heart attacks watching the OP’s video with so many people talking about not taking the experimental injection while wearing no masks!

Compliance is very mixed, in Europe with some nations with a 50/50 like compliance, and then we have Russia, the explanation is worth waiting for. :slight_smile:

If you wear the mask too much these is what happens.



And now this


Solution to the hesitancy? Better bring in the new variants like Canada! Don’t we have the new Indian variant in Ireland?



Explainer: What is the ‘emergency brake’ and could it lead Ireland into another lockdown?


Give your freedom back and then take it away - repeat!


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