GDP 2007 Forecast

What will Ireland GDP growth for 2007 be (inflation adjusted)?

  • >5%: Best country in the world
  • 3 - 5%: Growing well
  • 1 - 3%: Slower but still growing
  • 0 - 1%: Soft landing
  • -1 - 0%: Slight Recession
  • -3 - -1%: Hard landing
  • <-3%: Brace for impact

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Anyone up for a finger in the air (or ears, depending on your persuasion) forecast of Ireland’s GDP for 2007 (or 2008 if you’re brave)?

I’m betting on a 178Bn or maybe a bit higher, for 1.5% nominal growth vs 2006, -2.2% real growth (after inflation).

While i’m at it, i reckon total private sector credit of 360-365bn, which is just over 200% of GDP.

For 2008, i’d guess 176bn or so, for -1.1% nominal growth, and maybe -4% real growth. PSC of about 390Bn, somewhere over 220% of GDP.

Do you not think it’s rather confusing to use housing market terminology such as “soft landing” to now describe a range of predicted GDP growth?

I know what you are doing but I find it rather alarming how property terminology creeps into other areas of speak.

One example is usually as follows, “this property is in the much sought after area of X” recently I’ve read “the much sought after soft landing has arrived” it smacks of PR mind programming or re-programming.

I was aiming for slightly amusing, along the lines of the ‘B Sharps’