GE 16 - Forum ROE Notice - MUST READ


To deal with the demands of the full moon catnip effect of politics on the average pinster firmware of late. I have decided to underline normal forum rules of engagement with focus specifically on the handling of General Election topics for a duration of the run-up campaign, the results and a short undefined period post-results.

Users must make note of the following when engaging the fourm:

  1. General Election threads must be posted to “The Soup” forum.

  2. Threads will/must start with a "GE16 - " prefix

e.g. “GE16 - Has Trump got Kenny’s hairdresser on speedial or is it the other way round?”

2) A single ad hominem post by any user will result in a username Ban lasting the duration as outlined above, applied by moderators without question or review and no warning need be given.

  1. All temp Bans will be reviewed at the end of the duration. There isn no guarantee they will be lifted immediately or at all.

  2. Temp username Bans may be noted in the trigger post, but not always.

  3. If temp ban username users register under a new username the username ban will convert to a permanent ban and new usernames also.

  4. Moderators have been instructed to remain out of all GE16 threads in terms of inter-user discourse with the exception of being allowed to post useful relevant links with typical partial quoting of sources minus commentary. Moderators can exempt themselves from these duties so as to participate fully, but it will not be openly noted.

  5. Users are to desist from creating any further GE16 polls. We will run the usual exit poll. That’s enough. Anything else will be removed. Existing ones will be locked or modified.

8) If I’ve forgotten something… point 8

**Play the ball, not the poster. **Is a concept that never went away. Users simply have chosen to ignore it as it has suited them. It remains unacceptable.

All sides seem to quickly claim debate is gone to the dogs, well it’s up to the users to work on the quality of their bark and not their bite.

A component of a healthy, successful and highly nutritionally balanced diet of pin requires user centred self-moderation, i.e. don’t go to knowingly make a mess and expect someone else to clean it up.