GE 16 - How will you vote?

What party will get your first preference in the General Election?

  • The Anti Austerity Alliance
  • Fianna Fail
  • Fine Gael
  • The Green Party
  • Renua
  • Sinn Fein
  • The Social Democrats
  • The Labour Party
  • Others
  • Can’t vote
  • Won’t vote

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The 2016 General Election is about to be called. What party do you intend to give your first preference.

FG despite ongoing debt forgiveness Trump style, and low infrastructure spend even with the spending sprees of the last 5 years. And the disgraceful hospital queing system to wait for a ward bed. So I have to pay water charges. If I wasn’t paying it that way it’d be something else.

So lots of faults but for national governance one of the best governments Ireland has had and certainly the least worst option.

FG they keep the recover going you know… all jokes aside they are the least worst option and says a lot of the choice for voters.

The SD and RD counts ought to be low given that they’re only fielding a handful of meatsacks.

I will give FG and Labour a vote.

Can’t vote.
Not sure who id vote for if I could.

I will start as usual with my least preferable at the bottom and then work up. Probably FG on top and Labour not far behind.

My local FFer Mcguinness looks like he’d jump ship should FG need him to.
Although a FG/FF coalition looks the most probable government so for the first time in the history of the state we could have a centre left opposition. Hopefully it will force the left to get their shit together and ditch their dinosaurs.

Me. I’m lining up your coalition partners. :smiling_imp:

Ankle braclet for the first 6 months. :laughing:


After recent house move and constituency realignment, I find myself in Galway East, these as my options.

Fine Gael
Ciaran Cannon, Paul Connaughton

Fianna Fáil
Colm Keaveney, Ann Rabbitte

Sinn Féin
Annmarie Roche

Labour Party
Lorraine Higgins

Independents/ Others
Sean Canney, Michael (Stroke) Fahy

Social Democrats
Anti-Austerity Alliance
People Before Profit
Green Party
Renua Ireland

It is a poor race. FF are not getting an thing, and neither is Sroke Fahy.
I’ll find it hard to vote for Higgins, that leaves me with the least worst options of 2 FG’s, an Ind and an SF.
I think i’l go Canney, FG, SF.

Janey - what a choice

A vote for the current government is IMO saying pumping house prices, buying votes, refusing to change a thing, pretty much acting like FF have done is OK. I simply couldn’t vote for them

FF - yeah right

What does that leave me with?


The only reason to vote for Renua or SD would be to prop up a FG/Lab coalition in - I’m not sure many other IND would prop up a coalition…
I think the current arrangement is the only viable option, FF surely won’t get the numbers to make FG/FF viable, or am I being naive?
First choice likely to be FG, only cos he’s a real looker ! :wink: (Eoghan Murphy) I’m genetically programmed to vote against FF and SF, labour rep is a nice guy so he’ll be up there and we have Lucinda Creighton who has her plusses and minuses. Not sure about IND in my area, every thing from all spectrums I suppose mostly leaning left given the working class part of the constituency

@Homemaker, You have a shockingly poor list to choose from. As much as I don’t like or trust Lucinda Creighton, the Dáil is a better place with her in it.

We can’t all win the election lottery like you Coles2, that young Timmins is a real go-getter

jaysus. At least he makes more of an effort in the Dáil than old Godfrey, but there’s still a real opportunity for someone to unseat Timmins. I just have to rub a bit of muck around my ears, buy a sheep trailer, and I reckon I could be the new shepherd around here. I’d have to ruin my Sundays by hanging around outside the churches instead of posting my wisdom online which would be an unbearable loss for everyone here.

Will be voting Green, but I’d be shocked if they got anywhere near government (or even a seat in most constituencies - if they get 2 that’ll be an okay day at the office).

Do you think Eamonn Ryan will get elected?

Would consider any party/ candidate but not Sinn Fein. Failure to condemn murder/criminality in the past the main reason.

But they are heroes? :unamused: