GE 16 - How will you vote?


I agree. Please stop electioneering.


Ah, I dunno. This thread is a bit of a test of Coles’ past assertion that the posters on this forum are a bunch of “fat-necked moronic Blueshirts”. I think I have the capitalisation right.

The poll results have the FNMBS in the lead but still a minority.


On a good day, sure, but I honestly don’t know - haven’t seen poll numbers for Dublin Bay South (if there are any?)

I will say that the Greens are polling slightly better nationally recently (albeit probably still within a margin of error of zero…), and they did okay in local and European elections (Eamonn Ryan was far more competitive than expected that time out). Also that area has traditionally been fairly Green-friendly for the last number of election cycles (excluding 2012, obviously).

Looking at Catherine Martin in Dublin-Rathdown again and I think she could run Alex White close for the third seat. I’m predicting Shatter will get in to the second seat at a canter behind Shane Ross in first, but I very much hope to be surprised.

(Wouldn’t altogether surprise me if the Greens didn’t get any seats either BTW)


All I can say is I’m glad we’re not likely to be fully moved into our new house before the election. Not a lot to choose from in Dublin Bay South. Lucinda Creighton’s been stalking us but, even if we were registered there for this election, she wouldn’t be getting my vote. There’s a much wider choice in Dublin Bay North and it will be an interesting competition there.


The Greens. They’re the only ones who aren’t boring us all rigid with it. :smiley:


+1 Roll on 2017 :slight_smile:


See that was what I was wondering. Some parties are going all nationalistic and positioning themselves as the parties of 1916; I wonder however does that just make them seem anachronistic and out of touch with younger voters? Or does it make them seem patriotic and relevant?


Wot? Are they dustin’ off their Sinn Fein roots or is it IRB roots? XD


In SF’s case it makes them seem as stuck in the past ideologically as one might have suspected. In the others’ case it just makes them seem like the opportunists they are. I think any party who tries to ‘claim’ the celebrations/ commemorations for themselves (including SF) also risks alienating the many people living here, Irish and otherwise, who don’t fully identify with that historical version of ‘Irishness’. I include myself in that to, to a point, even though my own family had its fair share of Republicans back in those days. Times and attitudes have changed and while I do think Irish sovereignty is something to celebrate, I’m not entirely comfortable with overdoing the military pomp and circumstance and over-romanticising the whole thing.


On related note, the Army are apparently visiting my son’s school this week to present them with an Irish flag. The kids are furiously learning the national anthem. Strikes me as somewhat jingoistic, but no harm I suppose. If it gets them interested in history it would be good.


I think one of the important points to note about the Easter Rising was that it was a strike against the Empire and the imperialism that it opposed was killing millions in the so called “Great War”.

Also, when you visit Kilmainham Gaol and see the spot where Connolly was strapped to a chair and shot, it is easy to miss the museum that details the ordinary “criminals” who were incarcerated there. One of the indictments of the state post-1922 is that similar people ended up in prison for similar “crimes”.


No harm in some ways as you say if it gets them interested in history but the prism through which they receive their historical lesson matters. I saw a picture recently in my parents’ house drawn by my niece who’s attending a Gaelscoil. It was a picture of the soldiers giving their school an Irish flag. In the corner of the page was a union jack crossed out and a speech bubble saying ‘Boo ar na Sasanaigh!’ Not particularly nice anyway but especially dodgy given that her own grandfather was English (though he died a long time before she was born)! That sort of stuff is what turns me off it all.


That’s how I was taught history too in primary school.

I was going to say you forgot the “squealer”, or the precursor to the modern-day whistleblower, but “themselves” probably covers it.


If it encourages a bit of cynicism towards their football teams and television shows, it’s to be encouraged IMO


Yes, horrible. Should be “síos leis na Sasanaigh”.


My father was taught by Ruairí Ó Brádaigh. Now that was an education.


Speaking of which…


Fine Gael for me - voting tactically to keep Labour out.


Will be away on business on the day.

Probably would have been independent though.


This poll will be rebooted shortly.