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… which is no prospect at all.


I would say if this be true, observationally true, subjectively documentedly true. True via the aging sum of your living experience inside the unreality of the tax-debt-spiral, they must be after all is said and done…problem makers.


The first count is out for the NUI panel for Seanad. … 7892540417

It seems we’ll be spared the horrors of Senator Hunt or Senator Begg.


Some difference. TCD electing David Norris and Ivana Bacik; NUI electing Ronan Mullen and Michael McDowell.


What about senator Beades though!

PS Senator Beades sound like things you put on your windows to stop bailiffs flying through them…


He got the third lowest number of votes of the 30 candidates. Only 196 votes from a valid poll of 36,293 or 0.54%!


Do you listen to yourself saying that stuff in front of a mirror, or just drift in and out ? lol


Good to meet you in better humour, now have you found our Churchill or is this our hour, a not needed one?

#213 … ter-house/ :smiley:


TCD count is fun to watch. It’s like fast-forwarding through an explanation of the STV system as the number of votes distributed and counted per round is really small … t-day-two/

It even has a three-person live blog chipping in with some analysis and speculation on where transfers might go. I think Lynn Ruane will hang on but it will be close.


Leo did a Leo this AM on Sean O’Rourke’s show. Put the boot well and truly into FF, and his own Leader.
Said he couldn’t believe that FF went to the wire on calling another election if water charges weren’t dealt with to their liking. He said FF could have argued for anything they wanted…reinstate PS pay, National Health Service etc. But instead they focused all their efforts on water charges
a. to emmbarass FG
b. to fight FF off on their flank
He called it politics of the worst kind

If I was FF about to support FG, I’d be nervous of that Leo fella. He’s not going to stay stum for 2 or so years with a leadership battle for FG looming


As I posted previously. Right now Political instinct is not what we need at the top, but that’s what’ clamouring always to get itself there.


Hard to disagree with him.
FF will have to spin this Irish Water “victory” for all its worth to take attention away from the fact they’re supporting FG & Kenny.
The “left” will have a field day with this arrangement over the next 12 to 24 months.


He is correct. And so was Alan Kelly. But is it bad faith to (almost) seal a deal with someone and be out slagging them before they have even signed it? This government will hardly last six months at this rate.


One might argue he’s kite-flying with the backbenchers - “bring this [crazy climbdown] proposal down at the parliamentary party meeting and I’ll lead us into a fresh election”


FF are not happy with Leo


As in many aspects of life the skills to get the job are not the ones required to do the job.


And he’d be right. Pull down this deal, make Coveney his No. 2, go to the country, tout FG as the party of stability, and get a 5% bounce. He’d flitter the Independent vote.


There is a spin element to this. EK can’t be seen to argue against the deal and is really only being kept to do it; at the same time, FG can’t back away from their ugly baby, so Leo is out batting for it. McGrath, FF leader in waiting (according to himself), is shocked, shocked I say, that there’s politics at play, but is watching the inexorable rise of Billy Kelleher from spiv to serious politician…


Well if they (FF) pull this off they will claw back what they lost to some of the Left. Without the water issue to rally support the electorate will revert to type