GE16 - Government Formation Watch


Queue youtube link to a Yes minister sketch…


Varadkar is so pompous self satisfied and lacking in all self awareness.

Only Fine Gael can turn a giant clusterf*ck policy mistake into a point of principle. :angry:

If the world had any sense Varadkar would be sent back to do the leaving cert again and 4 years of university. Hopefully he’d learn some sense this time.


But this is an FF policy, executed by FG, and then opposed by FF for pure electioneering reasons.


Hard to know whether to file this under ‘Varadkar shooting mouth off again for personal gain’ or ‘Varadkar gets retaliation in first; that genius is always one step ahead’.

Paddy Power has him well ahead in the betting. How did Coveney lose so much ground? Varadkar as Taoiseach would be entertaining, but boring old Simon might lead a drab-but-functional government that just does its work without much drama.

Surprised Paschal Donohue is so high in the betting. Was his own seat not in jeopardy at one stage?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. How many independent TDs are in the bag and what have they gotten in return?

  • Zappone: getting credit for some kind of childcare payment and maybe [even a ministry](even a ministry) (which seems more than generous)
  • Two Healy-Raes? Were they open to a deal in return for a ministry of rural affairs. Will be interesting to see what power/budget that one comes with
  • Matty McGrath seemed somewhat open to a deal on Prime Time last night
  • Lowry: wants nothing in return, just a good guy who recognises the country’s need for a government
  • Shane Ross? Missed most of his Ray D’Arcy appearance so not sure where he currently stands
  • Noel Grealish is not exactly wedded to a particular party so could probably be enticed
  • John Haligan, Finian McGrath, Denis Naughton could all be bought off/rented but it would cost a lot of money and - worse - bad precedent-setting policies such as investing in Roscommon hospital instead of concentrating specialist services in higher-volume centres.
  • Maureen O’Sullivan is the heir to Gregory’s integrity but even he loaned it to Haughey in return for urban regeneration. A new Eurodisney down the docklands; free in for locals but not *new * IFSC-type locals?

Doesn’t look too hard to find six or seven there. Who comes at lowest cost?

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This is the democratic and political equivalent of a soft landing government, one I’ve been waiting for since like forever because it holds the potential for total absolute revulsion of not one but both main and most culpable parties. A prospect we should all welcome as a hugely positive development in the scheme of things but it will require a balancing force for it not to result in chaos. Spectatorship at that point will be an ill afforded luxury.


What have you got in in mind? Start a new party? Join an existing one? Something else entirely?


This is the quote from our new Govt (from Irish Times) on water charges…

The agreement also says that “those who have paid their water bills to date will be treated no less favourably than those who have not”.

Just read that again.
And again.

If that is a fully correct syntax quote then Ireland really has jumped the shark.

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I’ve ignored most of this circus

We have a bunch of populist clowns trying to be populist and another bunch of clowns desperate to remain in power so will acquiesce to the bunch of populist clowns

It’s never gonna end well XX


Actually it could end very well, with the Troika back in!


Yea, but no but yea, but… that didn’t end well either did it? :nin


I think someone on the radio summed it up best. Fianna Fail will get to dictate government policy and the budget while remaining in opposition. Come the next election, if things go well, they can take credit. If things go badly, they can blame Fianna Fail.


Changes to USC on a ‘fair basis’.
Thats that so…USC is going nowhere


How else are they going to pay for all the giveaways?


And a ‘rainy day fund’ too - great. We must be loaded and getting loadeder


Essentially, those on good/high salaries can expect nothing. Unless of course there in the public service.


A good salary is the plank of wood upon which you crucify yourself in Ireland.


If they cut the USC ‘for lower and middle-income earners’ they will also be cutting for higher earners.

Ironically enough, FF hit FG/Lab with this after the last budget claiming the tax cuts were of most use to those who earned most. How could they not? People who pay hardly any tax will hardly benefit.


Not if they do it by the way FG proposed in their election promises i.e. any reduction in rates for income below €70k would be offset by an increase in USC rates for income above €70k.


The Boom is back in tooowwwnnnnooowwnnnnn the Boom is Back! The Boom is Back!