GE16 - Government Formation Watch


The Irish Times has a draft of the programme for government.

It is unfortunately familiar. A detailed list of outcomes, many of which the government has no control like number of jobs created. Governments should focus on what they control and are able to deliver (which is a lot less than everyone, including themselves, thinks). This would ideally include tangible objectives that can be easily benchmarked and with concrete intermediate targets.

Instead, we get stuff like “Spend €6.75bn more on public services.”
-What are public services? Clearly education but does it include pensions?
-Is an increase in spending equal an improvement in outputs? Not if it goes straight into wage increases
-Is it in real or nominal terms?
-What if the economy tanks? What if the economy overperforms?

These things can make you look very foolish, very quickly. A lot of the policy malaise of 2008 and 2009 was the very slow realisation of the political system that its promised were no longer affordable.


I cannot f-n believe that Zappone is going to become a Minister. Unbelievable.

Will she change her route to work now or still persist with the BS to get extra €’s? … 3-Apr2016/


Worst Government ever in the making.


Will she fuck. But the Ceann Comhairle might get in his car with the Leas Ceann Comhairle and the Clerk one sunny day, I hear. :smiley:


Bank shares fall as investors rattled by new government plan … -1.2637591


Well the potential powers of the new ‘mortgage resolution high court’ to order writedowns would cause that sort of unease in bankster circles.

Talk of Charlie Flanagan moving to Chief Whip from Foreign Affairs and Shane Ross in Foreign Affairs now. This will be an interesting cabinet (not saying competent merely interesting) :slight_smile:


So that’s it. How long will this last and will enda see out more than 12 months of it. He can’t last much beyond june 2017 when he will be 15 years as fg leader. Almost as long as thatcher was tory leader and a lot longer than blair or bertie led their parties. If nothing else he is the great political survivor. Be interesting to see what varadkar gets if he gets a move from health.


As in most walks of life, being deemed a pliable, inoffensive clown does your prospects little harm.

As an aside, surely the last few months are best advertisement for doing away with government that there has ever been? They’re simply not needed…




New minister for Dept of Housing, Planning & Local Government is Simon Coveney.
new stationery, brass plaques etc needed for the new name of the Dept. €€€’s


Simon Coveney seems competent. Will be extremely interesting to see what he can do, and how quickly.

Looking forward to seeing what Shane Ross is like in government too - sink or swim time, after how many years??


Simon Harris for health. Did I hear that correctly?
Jesus wept.


This I take to be an admission that the problems there are insoluble.


They must be insoluble, he was minister of floods before, and I’d say he’s still wet behind the ears…


Nobody *wants *health.
It’s a no-win position.

He must be hated.


Mary Mitchell-O’Connor!!! Are you f-n serious!
Well, I sure hope all you gender quota-istas are happy with that result.

As for Health- it’s now official. Nobody wants it, nobody can fix it. Totally screwed up system run for the benefit of the employees and not the patients


Can’t see Coveney having a hope against Country Tom and the usual suspects. In any case, FF support is predicted on tax breaks to developers, a first-time buyers’ ‘scheme’, zero repos, etc. Chances of him doing anything significant are slim.


A friend moved a few years ago to Spokane, Washington (her home town) I’m tempted to find out what the local scuttlebutt is about her. The first time I saw her she struck me as a complete fraud. A total bullshitter. I’ve met her sort before. I’m sure there is a very interesting local backstory. A not very flattering one.


Enda pledges health and mental health as priorities for new government and then appoints a 29 year old with a BA in journalism as minister :open_mouth:
sweet Jesus!


A family member used to volunteer for her educational project about 25years ago and really thinks she’s a lovely genuine person who, at that time, was committed to improving the lot of underprivileged women in the dub 24 area. I don’t know what has changed in the intervening years?

My family live out Blessington way, I always drive a longer route via ballinascorney to avoid the multiple traffic lights and Tallaght by-pass, terenure, rathmines etc. Traffic isn’t as bad by coming, basically, along the dodder via Rathfarnham/milltown. If that’s the route she takes then I don’t blame her, but the expenses move is not right. There are presumably already generous travel expenses for those within the 25km radius anyway