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Yes, drive whatever route you want but the expenses claim should be for the shortest route. Anything else is taking money from the taxpayer that you’re not entitled to morally if not legally. She’s only in office a wet week and already has her snout in the trough.


Does anyone know what the shortest-serving government to date has been?


~3 months … h_politics

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He announced his cabinet position before Kenny. Then: … -1.2638563

He’ll certainly love the chance to show off. I won’t hold that against him. Lets see how it all pans out though.


Kenny had to try to form a government and max it will last is two years when new TDs will qualify for pensions.

It’s shit but it’s the government the people deserve.


An absolute windbag. Would rate both Healy Raes well above him. Amazing how far a posh accent and reasonable articulacy has got him.


Kenny just cannot resist one last demonstration of bogger self-serving cute cunning cuntiness. Rather than trying to unite his party over a new leader and arrange a sensible and controlled transition to that new leader, he has shuffled and demoted the two obvious successors and has tried to sow chaos by appointing other possible successors such as the unsuitable Frances Fitzgerald.

Once again, Kenny puts his own short-term self-interest ahead of the wider interests of his party or the country.

Varadkar and Coveney need to arrange a Granita-like pact and divide the leadership between themselves to bypass this nonsense and accelerate Kenny’s early retirement. I suggest a cosy booth in the Pearl Brasserie and a few celebratory pints in the Cellar Bar in the Merrion afterwards. Otherwise it will be until the Ides of March 2017 until Kenny is finally gone.

What we have is now is the Israelification of Irish politics where bad behaviour is now encouraged and rewarded. Self-serving independents can pursue local interests and be bought off to support a government at the expense of everyone else. From the interests of a few hundred turf-cutters and a massively costly western railway corridor that would require substantial subsidies forever, it is now all about selfish self-absorbed self-regard.

And as for Shane Ross. Ross is typically all mouth and no action. He loves telling others how wrong they are and what mistakes they are making. He will now have to start demonstrating some action, including the apparently intractable Luas drivers’ strike and SIPTU. And when he has finished with that he will have to deal with the DART drivers and the Dublin Bus drivers and the Iarnrod Eireann drivers and the limited privatisation of a small number of Dublin bus routes and the need to expand Dublin Airport without the DAA massively overrunning on costs and generally fucking things up. I suspect he may go the way of Conor Cruise O’Brien who was the self-appointed minister for absolutely everything else other than what he was supposed to be minister of, the then Department of Posts and Telegraphs that he left unmanaged and undirected and left Ireland with a primative telecommunications system run for the benefit of unions and that negatively affected Ireland’s economic growth at the time.


FG have been thrown over a cliff so the smart move is to go limp. Don’t plan on doing anything. Co-opt everybody else in to every decision. Do a Varadkhar and join the audience tut tutting and commenting on the problems you are nominally in charge of. Basically keep the head down.

Oh wait

Shane Ross

Putting Ross in cabinet is just mad. It is utterly destabilising.
In terms of fireworks and political damage it would be like appointing some lesbian, pro abortion, child services gauleiter to the department of children. (Although she could obviously implement big cutbacks in the numbers of children.)
If Fitzmaurice had wanted to bury his enemies in bogs to mark out constituency boundaries it would still have been more manageable than having Ross in cabinet.
What does Ross bring anyway? If the other IA members could sign up without Fitzmaurice then presumably they didn’t need Ross on board either.

All of this is new. Beyond the seeming instability and the howling error of letting Ross near the cabinet we don’t know anything. In particular we don’t really know how well or badly the next dail will function.
Varadkhar is stepping back for now. He seems smart enough to recognise that we haven’t a clue yet. He’s content to watch Kenny try to deal with things. Better to have Kenny there through the learning period of the next month or two and see if things work out as badly as imagined.
If the arrangement looks remotely viable then think about deposing Kenny.
If Kenny and Ross and Zappone are making a balls of it, and it’s too early for an election, take a leaf out of FF’s book and let Coveney in. Or if Coveney has figured out things by then, both of them could give the job to Fitzgerald.

Great stuff. I’m enjoying it anyway.

PS So we’re all agreed, Gerry is Sinn Fein’s nigger in the woodpile.
There’s a huge irony about him not wanting to step down. The best explanation is that he remembers how the provisionals came about in the seventies, when the northern command felt the Dublin leadership was too removed from their daily concerns. Gerry is afraid that the demands of the electorate in the north are distinct enough from those in the south that his presence is required to bridge the two and keep SF as an All Ireland movement. In other words the longer he hangs on the more clear it is that he doesn’t believe in the unity of politics north and south of the border


SF toppled by the Trots in West Belfast, that is some turnaround. … fast-58548


I’ll repeat what I said before, SF peaked in 2014. I’ll add that the Trots have peaked in 2016. :slight_smile:


TDs tossed a coin to decide who was going to be a minister: … -1.2641449


I didn’t hear him but David Hall was on Newstalk this AM to discuss the upcoming document on the Programme for Government and whats in it on Housing. Yates summarised what he said later in the show and 1 of the things mentioned was that these new Courts, for dealing with mortgage arrears, will be held in private!!! And 2 options will be up for mention- mortgage to rent or split mortgage. I presume repossession will also be an option but funnily, Hall never mentioned that.

So there we have it. Housing policy being decided by a Casino owner who ran unsuccessfully for political office in the past.


So have they gone to the Park yet?


Well, they done the swings and I think they’re on to the roundabout. Big Micky Noonan has pushed Simon Harris’ face in the sandpit, while Leo has been sick.


They’d better dilly dally no more.

I hear the blessing from the Dungeon master comes with a Central Perk, i.e. a free family pass for life to the Zoo but there might be two years service required before eligibility is achieved and bonus prize secured!

Though it’s clear the ones who already have this perk in the bag from prior (dis)service have gone utterly native… XD

Next stop Zoo Sation… I see double (trouble) up ahead. 8)

However I think we’ll end up with a Lemon that’s either entertaining…

… or fatal.


Lucinda Creighton resigns as head of Renua. She is “proud of her achievements” which presumably are losing her seat and not getting a single TD elected.


Please continue Renua sideline in a post-election-fallout thread or some such thing… if anyone cars to begin one.

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Wow Finian McGrath rolls over easily. The Shawshank Redemption comes to mind


But now he wants to roll back the smoking ban. As a minister in the Department of Health.

Hard to believe but this might actually be the worst government in a long time.


I hate cigarettes but I have some sympathy for him.

It’s an unfortunate addiction for 20% of the adult population.

The recent ban on smoking on hospital campuses was zealotry of the highest order. It’s unenforced and unenforceable. People wander out of the main entrance with drips on for a smoke!

If applied perfectly (which it never will be) it would have big productivity effects on staff who would have to troop off site for a smoke.