GE16 - Government Formation Watch


Nah, ministers getting sidelined in non-issues/never-will-happen issues is perfect. It’s governments that do things that are bad…


Yeah but you have to wonder about Enda’s judgement/thirst for power when he appoints gobshites like McGrath and Ross as government ministers.


Has to be something along the lines of them believing that this Government won’t last long regardless of whose in it and they view Ministerial independents as easy fall guys for when it does happen…they’ll then be able to warn people of the dangers of voting independent next time round…I actually wouldn’t be surprised if FG and FF strategists came up with this between them…ultimately they both serve the same masters and this drift away from the traditional faultlines are in neither of their interests…


They need 2 years to get pensions, right?


I said before, those already politically pensioned can afford to play with a short unstable government. New entrants set to lose. They have the system designed to suit themselves and can game it better than you or I.

I think Poacher’s observation is a quality value added post. :nin


This was in my head but I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Thanks. Even the choice of ministries is cute

The Shane Ross appointment to transport is all about sitting back and watching the car crash. He should have demanded education maybe

Finian McGrath into a health portfolio for children. is like saying, ‘there’s your resources you defend the chaos’


From all this commentary it sounds like a Strawman government.

Borne of the usual contempt so often hidden from the public by the spin and cosmetics of PR aided by a compliant and in the pay state broadcaster. Face to face dos too these politicians are not really up to the challenge. Anyone can try it. It can be fun but also frustrating. So you have been warned. :nin


Or borne of the stupidity of an electorate that thinks that decisions are costless?


See that’s more of the blame everyone… it’s your round. BD


Fitzmaurice has left the IA. … tzmaurice/

“He said that **as a member of the grouping he would not be allowed to have leaders questions or priority questions and access to speaking time would have been very limited. **”

He’ll probably join the Sinne Muide Mattys so. I don’t think he will join the Wallace/Daly groupin …it has a name which eludes me. :slight_smile:


Happens all the time. Bertie gave the Greens environment, energy and natural resources. Enda gave Leo a ‘big opportunity’ in health; Labour were gifted important issues like water and housing. No sensible Taoiseach gives away handy numbers like ‘enterprise & jobs’ or (with some exceptions) Foreign Affairs and Defence.

In a way, while there’s an element of spite to it, it’s understandable. Some TDs are professional critics; great diagnosticians but with no appetite for taking the responsibility of prescribing and administering a new course of treatment. The Greens and Independents etc. have to play the role of grown ups facing realities of governing. (I feel for the Greens as their time came when nobody had much leeway in any ministry.)


I’ll never feel anything but contempt for the Greens. Giving the country NAMA in return for a ban on (mink?) farming?

Propping up FF allowing them to fiddle as the country burned

Fuck em


I concur.

Save the puppies, fuck the population.


The greens proved they are sociopathic cunts and that is why every right minded person hates them other than a few D4 types faced with a choice of Lucinda or Eamo. :slight_smile:


Hey, I live in Kildare!

I feel they are naive idiots rather than evildoers.


I can never understand why the minority parties get such abuse and the majority government parties come off scot free. Some of the recent post on the Greens here are eye-wincing! I don’t have a huge amount of time for the Greens, but they played only a very minor role in the crisis certainly compared to FF. Yet Fianna Fail is now back almost as the largest party again and practically in government.

Same story with Labour and FG. Its like people hold the Greens and Labour up to a higher standard than FF and FG. Ah sure you couldn’t be expecting any more out of them lads like. Of course I’ll still be voting for them. Sure didn’t my father and grandfather before me always vote that way.

Much better to direct ire at the relatively powerless minority partner for everything that went wrong!


Never ever forget that the Greens propped up Fianna Fail to the last and only gave up when that government was compelled to stop delaying multiple by-elections which they knew they would lose and so lose their majority.

By these actions, the Greens played a major role, not a minor one. They punched the country far above their lightweight.

Remember that Fianna Fail deferred the Donegal by-election for 20 months and were only forced to hold it after a High Court action. This decision, made by the Courts that have so often upheld our rights in the face of Government inaction, quickly lead to the collapse of the Fianna Fail/Green coalition as they realised they would have to hold all the other pending by-elections. It was only then that the Greens suddenly found their shrivelled miserable conscience under a desk in Leinster House and left the coalition.

The Greens used their time in power wisely to address the important issues such as stag hunting with dogs as the country and the economy was collapsing. This allowed Clowan and the rest of his incompetent Government procrastinate. Eamonn Ryan is a moron who knows he knows better than everyone else. The Dunning Kruger syndrome could be renamed the Eamonn Ryan syndrome - a person who is too stupid to know they are stupid and maintains a massive sense of self-confidence in their capability. Never again.


For what it’s worth, I hate FF too.


Pretty much every interview in the media at the time was asking the Greens when are you going to pull out of this Government which has lost its mandate which was greeted by the same old spiel. They could have saved their own skins if they had only pulled out early in to the crash.
What can you do with a party that won’t act either for the public good or self-interest; they could only be classified as loons who are capable of anything.


those well up in the green movement are psychos, those policies get regurgitated ad nauseum by -----> [insert green party TDs here]