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I give up on the greens. lets get back to the Post of the WEEK in this thread.

AND they had days to discuss all this quietly in Trinity. Neither could form a government with fractious independents unless the other took a non oppositional oppositional position …and neither at the same time could not.

So this government is all about FF and FG proving that independents are crap…even worse than greens. :slight_smile:

Thats why I give it a year…no point having an election until everyone is utterly sick of the likes of Seán Canney and his insisting on a railway line for Tuam in the programme for government. This clown is allegedly going to be a junior minister any minute now and will rotate with Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran every year or so he says. :slight_smile: … ter-state/


I didn’t vote for the Greens this time or last time and I’m not remotely connected to the environmental movement. But they in no way caused the crash and they are not responsible for Nama, as suggested above. If they’d bailed on Bertie or Brian a year or two early we would still have ended up in an IMF programme probably with some kind of ‘bad bank’. And an election would only have given us FG/Lab anyway which some seem to think was just as bad as FF/Green etc.

On the current government, they are giving the Independents enough rope to hang themselves just to ‘prove’ that they are no better than the rest. Ross has a poison chalice from day one and Finian McGrath is either an eejit or very unlucky to be making headlines for not one but two gaffes within his first fortnight.

To follow the conspiratorial line, FG/FF are content with the current set up of FF v FG as it marginalises SF. After all, the next few years are shaping up to be okay. But, all things being cyclical, we’ll be in the mire again by 2020 - which might be a good time to let SF/PBP/AAA have a go at governing…just to be fair, like.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: SF/PBP/AAA :open_mouth:

Then again it would only last around 6 weeks max before it flamed out spectacularly so why not indeed, entertainment value for sure. :smiley: :smiley:


FG/FF to electorate: “Oh did that not work out with the new coalition? Ah well, back to picking between us too again so…”


We have a Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government - Simon Coveney
Minister of State for Housing & Urban Renewal - Damien English

Ministers for everything going … 30588.html


Back in the day, I was saying the same thing about the PDs. If they’d walked out when the history of Bertie’s shenanigans was being shown up in the courts too blatantly to ignore, they could have lived up to their promise of being FF’s conscience, occupied a safe redoubt on the moral high ground, saved themselves as a party and probably gone straight back into government with their more natural ideological partners, FG, to boot.

Labour’s situation this year was a bit different. They spent five years bumbling along as part of the least awful realistic option and then got stuffed for not sufficiently gaming the system in the interest of their electoral base. They weren’t actually any good, but any practical alternative for most of their shared tenancy, short of Ireland officially becoming the 17th German state, really was worse.


We literally have a minister named Canney. You couldn’t make it up n


Isn’t that pretty normal - that a junior minister will have a portfolio overlapping that of a senior minister?


Taoiseach’s 11 nominees to Seanad
Former FG TDs who were rejected by the electorate: **
Paudie Coffey former minister for housing
Michelle Mulherrin from Mayo
Ray Butler
Frank Feighan
John O’Mahony from Mayo
James Reilly former minister for children

Marie-Louise O’Donnell general annoying person from Mayo
Joan Freeman Pieta House founder
Billy Lawless pro-Irish immigrants in US
Colette Kelleher Alzheimer’s Ireland CEO
Pádraig Ó Céidigh businessman**


3 of the appointments were gifted to Micheal Martin Collette Kelleher would have been one Joan Freeman anothe not sure who the third would be


40 Gaffs very very good friend Pádraig O Céidigh, who else. :slight_smile: … -1.1278291


the Aer Arann guy? Has he had a business that didn’t get a load of subsidies? Am I missing something or how is he a “serial entrepreneur”?


You are missing nothing.

He had 2 airlines separately subsidised by the state, He has a home helps company, subsidised by the state and he had an Irish language newspaper also subsidised by the state. I am not aware of any business he set up that was not subsidised, any more than yourself it seems.

FG have been almost as good as subsiding him as FF were. FF have promised him a crack in the Euro elections in 2019 I heard. :slight_smile:


Don’t forget that Pádraig Ó Céidigh ran for senate on the NUI panel and was rejected by the electorate. The Senate really is full of losers. Literally.


Turns out that new senator Billy Lawless does not live in Ireland. Will make for an interesting commute and expenses claims. Oh, and he just gave Enda Kenny’s daughter a job. Pure coincidence. … -1.2665755


Did the government create new ministries to win over independents and the like?


If the Dáil runs its term Éamon Ó Cuív will be in his seventies and will come under a lot of pressure not to run - he has been in the Oireachtas since 1989.

FF will want to take two seats. One Connemara-based candidate (Ó Céidigh) and one in the city or slightly to the east.

This is presumably part of MM’s rationale.


Ó Cuív has always been in his seventies!


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


FG heave imminent?
Leo Varadkar: “I have thought about it. I’d love to lead my party in the future, but that’s something you have to consider at the appropriate time when a vacancy arises. I’d have to assess the level of support I might have and see if people would buy into my vision of how the party might change and how the country might change.” … 43654.html