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Talk about rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic…


Leo throwing shapes, Coveney jumps on the bandwaggon. … 64555.html

The clock is ticking for Enda and putting James Reilly as deputy leader might have been the proverbial straw.


Also in this instance vision = career

The days and nights of Sept 27-28th 2008 treason is still alive and well.


Realistically, how long more can Enda last?
Brexit, Healthcare, Housing, Water charges, No proper long term vision of Ireland, Gaffes all over the place…


FF will not pull the gun before Brexit is concluded.


There was some article in one of the papers over the weekend claiming that Enda had lost a lot of support as a result of his promotion of the idea of a coalition with, of all else, SF.

Apparently this did not go down well with TD in Louth region. … 74356.html

If it was just FG TD’s then I’d say that would be it.
But the most of them are mad hungry for the higher salaries of being in government (given the ministerial appointments) and as Yoga says FF are going to allow it.

Enda is perfect really when you think about it.
He is old, cranky enough in appearance, a teacher.
Just a patsy for the machine. He knows it and is soaking it up.
For now, he’s the perfect Fall Guy!

And you’ll notice that it’s he’s in the couch while others take care of the action!


Interestingly the current referendum caused this to be unearthed on Zappone

She wrote a book, did you find that?

For e.g. it can be ordered on Amazon - … 0896224953

Quotes src: … ligion.pdf


Its appears one Twitter account that posted same info is now suspended -


Zappone is dumb enough to write about it, and Podesta is dumb enough to get his emails hacked.


Podesta is pretty dumb in other ways. … conspiracy


:laughing: Lesbian witches have an impeccable record of not being remotely into child abuse. This is not the paedophile ring you are looking for


Fair point!

On Zappone and govt formation, I guess she has between two and 10 months left and will never again be relevant.

Recent experience with independents has been a bit of an eye-opener. Independent Alliance are a laughing stoke - flipping coins for ministries etc. And then there’s Shane Ross. Zappone has been fairly focused on her job, to be fair.

What does it mean for next time?


That’s New Politics for you.

It’s tragically comical. I’d place it above a complete tragedy though so well done them 8DD


any thoughts as to why the SocDems haven’t made a breakthrough in the polls?

  • No real genuine leadership material within ranks.
  • Social grooming by politicians and their sweeties aided by a complicit EU makes for apathy much.
  • Unacknowledged damage done by losing a third generation of native born children. Lots of people, never coming back.
  • Those still here left detailing with the economic and social fallout, now tired and worn out.


They had Stephen Donnelly who was very good in the last leadership debate. Punched way about his weight - but now he’s in FF so the SocDems have two co-leaders nearing the end of their time. They need to get at least three or four new faces in the Dail next time around or they may fold up the tent. Really, they need to have seven TDs, get speaking rights and eclipse Labour, otherwise they should just join Labour after the election - indeed, if Lab don’t have seven seats that could well be the only option for both.

The other main explanation is SF. SDs were pretty close in some constituencies - e.g. Gary Gannon in Dublin Central. Very tough constituency though. Mary-Lou will get even more first prefs. Many will go to Christy Burke (Ind but ex-SF?). Maybe if Joe Costello or Maureen O’Sullivan retires, Gannon gets in.

I mention that constituency as it was the closest they came (from memory) to a 4th seat and there’s no guarantee of a breakthrough there.

Question is whether SocDem’s members (young/new ones not Shortall and Murphy) would join Alan Kelly’s Labour (presuming he gets in again and is the next leader). Or maybe Labour fails to recover and their grassroots join SocDem (riskier). There’s no room for both in the long run, especially with SF tip-toeing into the centre-left.


i vaguely recall something in the phoenix magazine about the relationship between SF and SDs, it wasnt pretty.


A few of the first-time ministers hit the two-year mark this week which qualifies them for mega-pensions. May as well stay in government while they can but if it all comes crashing down in June…ho hum…they are already golden. (I’m not usually so cynical but that was certainly a factor helping to focus minds during the Frances Fitzgerald crisis, judicial reform bill and other pressure points.)


Very astute observation. I had thought the date for the referendum was also designed to encourage a win scenario on many levels but particularly a nice sign off for many students (Friday polling day) looking forward to a summer vials while also affording the politicians a work-lite trajectory for their long summer recess as they bask in their progressive glory and maybe villa-it-up with a few of their Brave New World Buds having fought off the enemy at the gates.


That’s him over there… Splitter!