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I think it qualifies them not to have their first 2 years pension contribs returned like all PS/CS staff. There are certainly some aspects of political pensions which are quite/very generous but there isn’t a transition on day 730 which suddenly makes you a zillionaire. I could however see it being a motivation to hang on beyond 2 years for sure.


@Namawinelake predicting a general election in a few months … 8722844672


Does anybody believe the Fine Gael voters in Dublin Bay South care about homelessness (that much)? Who would they switch their preference to that would match their values and beliefs and also advocate for homeless better?


SocDems, Greens, NationalParty

It’s more to do with the accumulating scandals: Housing, Health, Garda, DoBrien, Water, Transport, Immigration is a biggie, endless Corruption etc etc

Just think, a certain person in a European country decided to run for office and basically destroyed the two main established parties by winning parliament and presidency. Il s’appelle Emmanuel.
Could something similar happen here?


IMO no, only possible in a presidential system, not Westminster.


I don’t think National Party or Immigration are relevant to Dublin Bay South, I would have said the constituency is fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Highest Yes vote in marriage referendum being my yarstick, Lucinda/Renua rejected.


Dublin Bay South will probably end up with:
Eamonn Ryan - not because he’s any good but because he has kept his arrogance level down and he is also a good vote getter - he nearly doubled his first preference vote to end up being elected being first
Jim O’Callaghan - not because he’s any good but because he has been careful when he has opened his mouth and he hasn’t done enough to be found out - very similar to Eoghan Murphy was before he got promoted beyond his ability. It also looks as though there is a slight breeze behind FF. He also got 1000 votes from Lucinda - in the absence of any other nut-job these will probably stay with the established parties.

They are the only ones I would put money on.

For the other 2 seats I believe there will be one FG. It will probably be Murphy because he got the biggest transfer from Lucinda (1000 votes - Kate got 500) - see point about JOC above. Kate OConnell did very poorly on transfers - only 21% higher after transfers. She has done nothing in the Dail apart from plead to get a relative into the Senate. People had high hopes for her - I don’t think she has lived up to them. Unless she get’s considerably higher first preferences than Eoghan Murphy she is doomed.

So then there is Labour - they missed out the last time - probably because Kevin Humphries has steadily eroded the Labour vote with this incompetence. Again he reminds me of Eoghan Murphy - you know the kid at school who tries and tries and you just know he’s not going to make it and eventually you feel sorry for him. Labour had the opportunity to run Ivana Bacik in the past and they failed to grasp it - she would have guaranteed them a seat for life in this constituency. I don’t see them doing it this time either - Labour is an old mans club whose time is well gone - they’ll still get a few thousand votes and those could be important.

Sinn Fein ran Chris Andrews the last time and it showed him up for the political dilettante that he is - he’ll probably try and get a safe FF seat next time. If they get a good candidate they might do well enough to blood them for the election after next. Unless they get someone spectacular they won’t be at the table this time.

I guess the Soc Dems are dead - Gemma Lynch could have been a good candidate and she did well on a first showing but she said she wouldn’t run again so there is no opportunity to capitalise on that.

We could have a maverick candidate - somebody who parachutes in - DBS and DSE as was were great gas for this but there’s nobody you could see out there who could do it successfully.

Personally I think Annette Mooney has a chance - she’s very personable and she’s well liked around the constituency. She’s in a position to get a lot of the vote that SF are chasing, and I think she could take any vestiges of the non-champagne-socialist votes that are left in the Labour bag. If she gets ahead of Labour and/or Sinn Fein she could be chasing Kate OConnell close when they get eliminated. I reckon there is a hard-left (in Irish terms) vote of about 3000 in this constituency and a soft left of about 2000 and a decent candidate should be able to get 2000 more in transfers - that’s enough to get elected

So with the current candidate list I go Ryan, OCallaghan, Murphy, Mooney (with OConnell a close outside possibility).

I love this shit! - bring on the election.


If Bacik couldn’t get elected in 2010 in Dun Laoghaire then I don’t think she ever will, they should put Úna Doolally on the ticket maybe that will work


Ivan Yates also predicting a general election to be called … 53309.html

FF cannot keep agreeing with FG on all the crap happening or they’ll both be destroyed in future


destroyed by who though? There’s pretty much zero chance of an election throwing up anything other than some minor variation of the current setup.

FF are still lagging behind in the polls and Leo is still pretty teflon, not much incentive for them to pull the pillars down on the govt. SF support seems to hit a natural ceiling around 20%.

FF are going to have to grasp the nettle and depose Micheál at some point, he’s not the man to lead them back to glory (though I’m not sure who is).


in [the distant] future


more zappone maness … 9084155906


That Gorgeous Wreck Twitter account is an infinite scroll of nasty shit.


Even more feverish election talk this month
FG are at a high, and an election may give them more seats
Leo is chatting to reps countrywide



Independent TD rules out supporting the Govt Budget over post office closures
Meanwhile TDs erecting litter