GE16 #IMFF Do you remember who bankrupted us ?

hint #IMFF did it

Yup - with policies that were not just being cheered but one-upped from the opposition benches. Let’s not pretend that things would be any better if FG had won in 02 or 07.

I demand my Eircom share money back !

Keep quiet and take your iodine tablets.

Anyone visited their Millenium Tree recently?

Or light their candle?

Could’nt get to see it as my SSIA funded car finally went wallop before xmas. Too much milage clocked up to the now crumbling section 23 holiday home in Leitrim village…if the cowboy builder had spent more time on building the houses at home properly rather than throwing up apartments on the Black Sea to make a quick buck

Osr SF or whoever? Well, they didn’t. So it was FF what done it.

And the Greens!

Should have sent an Ireland: The Gathering postcard back to friends.

The damage was well done at that stage. I remember wanting FF to get back in to make sure they were actually at the wheel when the car crash happened. The greens were the unlucky hitchhikers who FF decided to pick up once they hit the downslope.

The Greens though had several occasions to walk though during the first couple of years (Bertie’s flim flam at the tribunal being a big one for me) in power but were too blinkered on pushing their Green agenda. They could have saved themselves in the process and not worried about FF would look like surviving any type of crash.

The counter factual is probably not relevant, as has been pointed out. Damage was done by 2007. 2002 was the point in time when electing a different government would have made a possible difference. All parties votes for the Euro which is one part of the problem.

The most worrying thing is that they don’t seem to have learned.

€1 top up for every €5 saved for FTBers and the like.

Actually one of the most nauseating cheerleaders of the bank guarantee I heard back then was the Green Party TD Mary White, she was as pushy as Lenehan with her insistence that “we had to move on”. At least I could detect doubt in the local FFers.

Thanks for reminding me of that least I let them into the top half of my ballot paper.

Technically FF ruined the economy but FF and the Greens actually bankrupted us, with the bank guarantee. Without the guarantee we’d have had a few years of shit but we’d be much better off now.

…and the entire nation is still waiting for Ronan Keating’s Millennium Song XX

If I might qualify your very erudite point and suggest you mean it would have been far superior to have more evenly spread the shit across the entire population in one generation thus allowing for a shorter time frame of digestion as opposed to current strategy of selectively applying shit and stealth-shit to population in an intergenerational manner thus invoking a far longer time-frame that then compounds the problem even further reducing the effectiveness even further of the current strategy and guaranteeing a seemingly endless road of shit ahead for some.

This is an opinion based on nothing. The guarantee was extremely inequitable as the wealthy were bailed out by the less well off, and private debts were socialised. However, it was done based on the analysis that the country would be substantially worse off if it was not done. You say that the analysis was wrong. Plenty disagree with your analysis Mr Varoufakis.

Indeed. YBMV (Your Bailout May Vary).

Personally I can’t see a scenario where we’re better off as a whole with the bank guarantee but we’ll have to go back and replay the level to be sure.

Some of your best writing there Open Window.

Must’ve proof read it for once, although the punctuation is still on 'olidays, as Ali G might say. :laughing: