#GE17 / #GE18 - the Election Nobody Wanted


one would imagine that if flanagan is telling the truth then it should be easy for him to prove?

whats Mick going to do?


Both Mick Wallace & Clare Daly have collated whistleblower evidence and are in a position to challenge or point out the failures of the State.


Mick is going to unleash his known unkowns on the Dail in 2 weeks time he said the other day. And it will rock the state to its core apparently


Odds have changed in 24h :astonished: It’s now Simon v. Heather


What would be in the plus column for HH? No offence, but I can’t remember her ever seeming particularly strong - although I gather she won credit for not messing up the 1916 centenary celebration.

  1. She’s a woman
  2. She’s a culchie




It just doesn’t seem like there’s any blue water between your analysis and Eoghan Harris…so…and while you say you’re questioning spin…you’re spinning with your own personal insights on Sinn Fein’s real views on consent.

It’s good to know you don’t support bigotry though. It’s just you seem to much prefer typing out condemnation of republicans more than bigots. You’re still silent on whether you think the British State is a benevolent paternalistic civilising actor over Ireland ? If you don’t think their actions are consistently malevolent then that’s ok, but you should acknowledge that’s emotional not rational thinking.


Put it this way, if I had been born into the Unionist tribe in NI I would hope that I would be on forum up there expressing my opposition to those Unionist parties born out of bigotry and violence and who remain unapologetic about it.

But as it happened I was born into the nationalist tribe in the South so here I am opposing parties from that tribe born out of bigotry and violence since they are highly relevant as they want my vote and want to come to power here. If people in SF were apologetic about their use of violence, and if SF changed into a real democratic party then that would be another thing but you can easily google SF members, including their supposed new leadership generation, cheering mention of the IRA or attending memorials services to terrorists right to this very day. So much for apologies for sectarian violence.

I doubt that the rise of a party originating as the spokespeople for a terrorist organisation, could happen in modern times in any other European democracy and reflects very badly on the nationalist tribe north and south who vote for them in such numbers. I suspect that the unusual fact that we have no hard right wing parties in ROI is due to the fact that people can exercise their inner psychopathy by voting for SF.

(It is very much an irony of history that the more moderate parties that delivered Sunningdale and later the GFA, namely the SDLP and the UUP, have now seemingly become a footnote of history as people who benefited from their agreements have decided to vote for the more hardline parties on the tribal divide).

In relation to the British government its history here is the typical harmful history of a colonial power, no more no less. They were wholly disinterested in NI for may decades after partition and only actively intervened in 1972 to dismiss the Stormont government when things were getting out of hand. Over the last 20 years they have clearly shown and stated that they are don’t retain any selfish interest in NI and will leave if there is majority consent to a united Ireland. At present times their main role in NI is to provide a security presence and to provide funding to keep the NI economy on the road. So any rational analysis would see their current presence as beneficial rather than some kind of a “consistently malevolent” presence as you seem to describe them. How on earth you would consider the above as an emotional analysis is beyond me.


Tuesday 11:00


Thursday 10:00

Shoo in for Coveney, now.


Simon crowned
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade with special responsibilities for Brexit and Tánaiste


Josepha Madigan appointed as Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.
Foxrock resident, went to school in Mt Anville and then Trinity and is now Minister for the Gaeltacht. You couldn’t make it up


but, but, heather humprys is the new enterprise minister :neutral_face:


The Bilderbergers have their eye on the prize. :angry:


well triangulated!


FiannaFáil throwing tantrums again
No way confidence and supply deal can continue, say FF TDs

I notice that FiannaFáil, SocDems, Independents, Labour, are all election-ready, rhetoric on the airwaves, etc.


Looks like FF are in a spot of bother with the Waterford cover-up story. They’re in a bad place right now, but it looks like it’s about to get a whole lot worse. They’d be mad to jump ship, but there must be awful nervousness in the party.

It’s funny to see FF complaining that FG don’t have any strategy to resolve the housing and health crises. It’s almost as if they’ve forgotten what ‘confidence and supply’ actually means.

SF have had a tough couple of days, but seem to have handled the storm well. It was outrageous stuff.


In terms of timing, when would the election be if they manage to get the next budget through? I suppose they’d need to get the Finance Bill through and tie up other loose ends - social welfare bill etc., presuming there are updates.

If we have a Presidential Election in November 2018, would we jump straight from that into an early December election? I think this would connect the two votes far too closely, dragging the presidential debates into bread and butter issues, and forcing candidates to answer for the parties that nominate them. Imagine Miriam O’Callaghan having to get into the nitty gritty of FF’s confidence and supply measures or Mairead McGuinness having to defend the housing situation. 'Twould be unbecoming, don’t you know?

Makes more sense to kick it into Jan/Feb 2019. Or for FF to pull the plug before the summer if they think it would benefit them. However, that moment might never arise so I’d go with election posters on lampposts this time next year.


I don’t see it happening soon given that we have
a controversial abortion referendum, another 6 due
a Pope’s visit,
more Brexit economic difficulties,
housing crisis to worsen until 2020,
there are local elections in June 2019,
Most important: FF & FG would not increase their vote share/seats much.


Forgot about the local/European elections - they can be expensive and should be kept well away from a general election.

But the GE couldn’t wait until after the locals as FF backbenchers won’t wear a fourth budget. Given how long it took to form a government last time around, early 2019 would just about give enough time to have a Taoiseach by the end of March when our neighbours leave the giant trading/political bloc we joined together >40 years ago. Wouldn’t want to be sending a caretaker Taoiseach to the 2019 March EU Summit.