Gender Pay Gap Reports

Organisations with over 250 employees are required by law to report on their Gender Pay Gap for the first time in 2022.

Some I’ve found so far


Amazon Ireland



Tesco Ireland
An Post

Dept of Justice

Coca-Cola Ireland

Pfizer Ireland


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From one of the pdfs

More men so men make it to the top therefore more men on average are paid more on aggregate. So what? Maybe look into why men are more likely do work here. Why do more men end up in the army or in a trade? or accept there are differences that result in preferences that correlate with gender.

They talk about measuring for the SAME SKILL EXPERIENCE etc and PAY FOR THE SAME ROLE
but they dont do that.

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[quote=“Tyrannosaurus, post:2, topic:90618, full:true”]
More men so men make it to the top therefore more men on average are paid more on aggregate.[/quote]

Similar in CSO’s report. Women actually higher paid in Lower, Lower Middle and Upper Middle. Only lower in Upper as less on MB

So what happens when we see women paid more in an organisation? Will that be reported by the media and asked to be corrected?

Seems like its going to be used for a purpose when its so deliberate and dishonest

2030… agenda pretenda.

It’s all divide & conquer and fan the flames in the war of the sexes.

Is there bias in workplaces? In some, absolutely. Of various sorts. School, accent, sex… it’s not fair and it is shit. Some is conscious, some is unconscious in that someone who doesn’t have (older) relatives in that field or industry has to learn the ropes themselves, instead of getting good career advice (“advice” from line managers and/or mentors may be to their advantage, not yours).

But sex/gender is not the only bias out there. And while pay gaps can be a real issue (I woke up because of work politics) it drops down the priority list when you see shit like Scotland voting to let sex offenders change their gender and have access to women’s spaces…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, women cheerlead the ‘oppressed’.

Women can be easier to emotionally manipulate I think, and more swayed by peer approval.

This can be very detrimental to women personally, as well as leading to them being taken in by NGOs and seemingly kind causes.

Yes, a lot of women are cheerleading the proposed changes in Scotland.

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Department of Health

So here is the first example I have seen so far where Females are paid more than Men in all 4 quartiles. Overall, men were still paid more by 3.45% median.

I’m assuming this is because they employ less men 304 v 402 women, so Quartile 4 Upper increased their overall %

Be careful what you wish for