General Election, Ireland 2020 - Free Unicorns, Racism, Brick, Ugly, Housing, Tiocfaidh ár lá, Hearts & Minds, Transfers, Asylum, Hot Waters, Open Borders, Polls... Did someone say IMMIGRATION? :icon_eek:


Starts here…

Likely to be confirmed Wednesday next for early February


Hmmm apart from good jousting with Tory bigots it’s hard to think of anything they’re doing right. They got the NI executive running, but early days. An election the week after Brexit is risky.

I think FG could get a right kicking. I don’t see any feel good feeling despite high employment - just huge frustration. Big names could lose seats.

The Greens could get 15 seats :open_mouth:

With O’Reilly gone from INM do people now fly to Belgium to court the new owners or how does that work ?


Glad its on a Saturday


I too see FG getting a right kicking. Was out West at xmas and the anger towards FG was really palpable, especially at Varadkar.


Why Varadkar in particular? I could more easily understand people having it in for Simon Harris, Eoghan Murphy and even Shane Ross, if they’ve got anything against individual ministers, since health, housing and transport are the real screw up areas.


Because Leo is losing his touch on the domestic stage. As a minister Leo alone spoke up for Maurice McCabe, the smart and right thing to do.

Leo as Taoiseach has the instinct to initially defend Flanagan, Harris and Murphy, no matter the cock up. His partisan nature isn’t very modern Ireland


Heard Mehole interviewed by PK this morning and he was no different … defending people involved in VoteGate or something … I’m afraid I’ve mostly lost touch with Irish politics as I don’t really listen to Irish news anymore.


Criticism and praise in the run up to the 2020 General Election


Interesting to see it on a Saturday.

Usually the Gov goes for mid week if they do not think they have a the student vote, as many students cannot get home to vote.

I’d imagine the Green party will get a big student vote with the current environmental agenda


Varadkar appointed these lads - not on their competence (obviously) but because they supported his leadership. Leo was not a good minister and he’s not a good manager. Everyone says he did a great job on Brexit - and he did - he did nothing (which was the right thing to do) - and doing nothing is what he excels at. He’s aloof, arrogant and has masses of ill-placed self belief. His biggest problem is that young people openly talk of him with utter contempt - and yet he thinks he should be their hero for the things he has done. I’m really not sure why the young despise him - perhaps he tries to hard to ‘get down with the kids’ (or whatever they say these days) and he’s really doing the political equivalent of dad dancing. If he thinks holding the election on a Saturday will roll in the youth vote he’s probably right but, as someone pointed out above, that vote is almost certainly Green in Dublin and looking at constituencies like Dublin Bay South the Greens could easily risk 2 candidates - Humphries and O’Connell look shaky there (although perversely their complete invisibility in the last Dail may save them) and it’s almost a guarantee that Eoghan Murphy will be gone.


Well of those 3 only Murphy supported his leadership.

I don’t actually mind if Varadkar is retained as Taoiseach, such is my contempt for Micheal Martin, but would it be trolling Simon Harris to have a mass said for the intention that he loses his seat ? :thinking:

The thing is, someone like Harris thinks he’ll get thanked at the ballot box by the youth vote for legalising abortion. But the youth think abortion access is self evidently good so they’ll probably give him no credit. They’re more focused on not being able to afford to move out and hold FG responsible.

It will be interesting to see if any individual candidates stand up against globalists - we’ve been told “populism” is such a menace and must be guarded against - so anyone who does will face a huge onslaught, but will also get irresistible publicity.


Yep - definitely rambling there - also Humphreys is not a sitting TD (therefore completely invisible in the last Dail!)


Cough ! Getting retaliation in first.
Establishment must be really worried about controlling the narrative if they commission this piece on Day 1 of campaigning. It’s so flipping transparent - ‘lets all just agree not to bring this up ok ?’

There’s something very Irish about all this. It’s like the modern equivalent of ‘fallen women’ in the old days. “Oh no. We don’t have that insider thinking problem about migration. We have superior morals. We don’t have any of your foreign problems”


And it’s a piece of BS. Non Irish population is 13%. Does the Author of that piece really believe that nugget or is he simply peddling untruths


I expect Housing will become the central issue, perhaps for the first time in our history. Unlike the HSE, the housing shortage and rent increases are recent phenomena so FG can’t blame FF.

The incident today with a rough sleeper seriously injured along the canal is the kind of horror story which could catch fire in the election and the government will have the utmost difficulty avoiding blame.


Yes that poor chap in the tent, the homeless 81 year old lady on O’Connell St and the countless other stories of eviction, renter/buyer frustration and REIT corruption.
FG/Eoin Murphy are really going to get a kicking. And it’s a big gamble playing the Brexit card for Leo - that game is far from over this month.

How will government police this? It becomes law a week before the election. Who takes the blame if SHTF?


Having heard a few radio discussions today the FG strategy is just to confuse things and create a fog of war about housing:

  • when your opponent points to uncomfortable facts. Say. ‘Thats not actually right’ loudly to diminish the impact but let them carry on.
  • include housing numbers from the future as well as the past in your numbers. Maybe this is where their election slogan comes in ? :blush:
  • point to FFs dismal record to deflect attention.

The poison of The Communications Clinic has so thoroughly infected how all politicians conduct themselves that there is a solid case to not have any election candidates on air. Just ask for written answers and spend the time assessing how much is lies.


The idea that you can have a perfectly civil attitude to individual migrants while simultaneously being of the view that migration needs to be managed, needs to go mainstream.

I had a beer with an Indian friend yesterday who was bemoaning the current level of migration into Ireland.

This person, along with everyone else in Ireland beyond the left/liberal bubble, can make the basic, logical association between current levels of inward migration and the fact thats she is stuck living in a tiny overpriced room.

The first party to cast the issue in these terms will receive large swings of support, to include support from many migrants/naturalised Irish themselves, who work in lower paid jobs and whose own adult children are unable to move out of the family home.


To quote Andy Dufresne “you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a bit further”

Saying migration needs to be “managed” is the way Tory/Labour evasion works in the UK. It doesn’t need to be “managed”, it needs to go down, it needs to reverse.