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42 seemed about right considering they were on 13% before the election was called. Same happened to Labour with their spring tide…


Yes they were as surprised by their ‘surge’ as everyone else.

They could possibly have returned three candidates in some constituencies…which is why FF dont want another election while at the same time also dont want them given an opportunity to implement what was, a traditional old school FF-type manifesto.

FF are in a serious bind right now. SF are likely to usurp much of their vote if they get into Govt and deliver. De Valera turned a whole generation of the urban working class into to lifelong FF voters on the back of slum clearance and public housing initiatives in the 1930s…with a lot less means at his disposal. SF are promising to do something similar for the current under 40 odds. Obviously it remains to be seen whether they would actually be able to do it.

There were a lot of similarities between the 1932 election and the one just past as per the following article

The 1932 General Election is primarily remembered for the cynical ‘red scare’ tactics of the out-going Cumann na nGaedheal government. Front page newspaper advertisements from the party warned that “The gunmen are voting for Fianna Fáil. The Communists are voting for Fianna Fáil.” One government publication warned that if de Valera’s party took control, “the extremist minority, as in Spain, as in Mexico, as in Russia, will get the upper hand.”

Fianna Fáil attempted to make the slums an election issue, promising increased public spending on housing. This was one contributing factor in Labour supporting the first Fianna Fáil government, with party leader Willie Norton declaring that “so far as the slum-dwellers are concerned, they need have no regret at the change of government, and the old-age pensioners have reason to be glad that the rich man’s government of the past ten years was not in office at the present time to further reduce them.”


Being right all the time is a burden, really :grinning:


Sheridan and those like her perceive themselves to be at the vanguard of the new Irish establishment ie well to do, urban, aggresively liberal…and to have cleared (purged?) the entire political playing field of divergent viewpoints over the past decade or so.

Sinn Fein were let under the liberal umbrella following its role in the two referenda of the past few years… on the understanding that it was rebranding itself as entirely ‘woke’… which is code for being aspirationally middle class and aggresively liberal ie the direct opposite to the values that defined old Ireland.

The Wolfe Tones and Up The Ra stuff will have worried Sheridan and Co less for the Republican content than for the signals it sends out such that elements of old Ireland may be lurking within the broader SF movement (which they are, despite the public wokeness of the leadership). Remember De Valera’s Fianna Fail was decried as a cabal of communist gunmen in advance of the 1932 election. Theres a reason why the hard left despise SF.


I still see a FF/FG/Green grand coalition. I reckon if the coronavirus goes the way I think it will, FF/FG will make a case that a national government needs to be in place urgently to combat the virus along with brexit discussions along with any economic fallout. This talk of FG going into opposition is to ease people into it…that FG only ended going into government for the “national interest.”


Communism for all! What timing it’s as if…

2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT
2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT
Irish press take a side in US riots and chaos

Pretty incredible polling stats which reflect a similar result as another under reported poll from earlier in the week ie SF now polling within the margin of error of the combined total for FF/FG and also taking percentages off everyone.

The fairly blatant establishment media campaign against them is clearly not working and is probably actually only benefitting SF at this stage.

Unlikely to be another election on the basis of this. Genuinely historic if this is the trend going forward.


Indo article here reporting same poll

This is disastrous from Micheal Martins perspective. He has really boxed himself into a corner of his own making and I would suggest that it wont be long before the knives will be out for him.

FF are clearly split down the middle on the issue of dealing with SF with Martin having aligned himself with the more ‘progressive’, urban element as represented by the likes of OCallaghan. He is looking increasingly detached from the grassroots.

Interestingly, there was an article in one of the dailies (Indo ?) during the week which attacked John McGuinness’ via his sons expense claims while working as an assistant for his father a number of years back. Very random and very much at odds with current trend of focussing on SF alone to the exclusion of the establishment parties. McGuinness is on record as being open to coalition with SF so Im guessing that there may be rumblings of an anti Martin faction coalescing around McGuinness…possibly supported by O’Cuiv and some others. Following publication of this poll, things may begin to progress in this respect.


The raw data show an even larger swing to SF than the media is reporting. The 35/20/18 split between the largest parties are the “adjusted” results. The actual survey results are 42/18/16 (excluding undecideds) so SF = FF + FG + 8 .

The pollsters’ adjustment tries to take account of the differences between opinion polling and elections but that seems to be an impossible task with a volatile electorate who have little or no allegiance to any party. SF know that their recent surge could dissipate as quickly as it arrived.

The SF bandwagon is rolling but it’s not a United Ireland bandwagon. The survey reports the reasons for voting and it’s all about public services (healthcare and housing). Brexit and UI barely feature. Not because people don’t care but because their priority is better public services. Nor do people care much about taxation i.e. how to pay for these services.



That sounds highly improbable. Most people have no idea how the Catholic Church is organised. Your diocesan priest reports to a bishop. Bishops don’t run “the missions” – that’s done by religious orders who have their own hierarchy – and a bishop would have no reason and no authority to “exile” anyone to the missions. It’s possible you’re talking about an order priest, perhaps one “on loan” to a diocese. Lots of priests have wacky heterodox ideas and get reprimanded. Just because he was “well-respected” by the generally clueless catholic laity (for which the bishops can be blamed) doesn’t imply “awful corruption”. Quite the opposite.

I agree. They were happy to let Catholicism be the cultural norm until it wasn’t. Now all that’s left is aging normies. I looked around the church at a main Sunday Mass recently in a large local parish. The congregation was sparse enough to size up individually. Church capacity: 1500. Congregation: 85. Under 65s: 12, of which 7 were Filipino. For a stark contrast, check out Harrington Street 10.30am any Sunday. It’s busting at the seams. There’s a few 80+ but also a high proportion of young well-dressed folk with very young families. It’s Tridentine rite traditional ad orientam Latin Mass with smells, bells, mantillas and a professionally organised youth schola cantorum. Does sermons of a type you haven’t heard from any Irish bishop for 50+ years.


I think I heard that priest about 25 years ago preaching against Irish Republicanism. I’ve no doubts on his vehemance, and his arrogance and his ignorance if it’s him.

But leaving my peculiar monomania aside. I’m sure there’s a moralism being preached there that no Bishop has gone near in years. But is it grounding it in old pieties and rituals and ‘do as I say’…which is what got us here in first place…to a conducive audience…who long for that shallow piety.


Sorry. He was a well respected, and conservative parish priest. There was nothing wacky about him. I think some parish funds went amiss, and he called this out…this was before collection envelopes were brought in, which at least allowed the idea of traceability. I remember this episode well. My gran always looked after our local church, and I remember how upset she got when he was moved on, and out. We had a good idea of which previous priest was responsible too. Quite a bit of money disappeared.


Well then he didn’t get exiled to the missions. Sounds like an odd story. Wouldn’t the church want to crucify the actual perpetrator? At least, that’s what I assumed they would do to me if I was ever found out when I used to rob the church collection as a nipper.

The main celebrant I see there is soft-spoken and looks too young to have been ranting at the 'RA 25 years ago.

It’s possible. I can’t answer for everyone. On the other hand, I see people using missals, not rosary beads. Which means they make an effort to be educated about the format of the service – something I struggle with as a blow-in. I’m sure there’s plenty who have read their Augustine and their Newman, and probably their documents of Vatican II as well. Personally I can’t think of any reason other than study and contemplation why you would return to that tradition rather than head for the exits. It certainly ain’t societal pressure, that’s for sure.


That’s what I distinctly remember.
Look, how the church was supposed to work and how it actually functioned was often not the same, as we know now. He got shipped out of ireland.
I remember him as a stern and straightlacied character, so I always though he had raised the issue in some uncompromising fashion that must have led to embarrassment a a higher level.


How do you know he got shipped out and didn’t voluntarily decide to go? (perhaps out of frustration…)

Obviously, I don’t know the circumstances. I’m posing the question, because often times in communities there can be an element of ‘Chinese whispers’ where the facts of the case can get distorted as the story is passed along.


It was pretty clear from his demeanour and the reaction of certain parishioners that this was not a choice for him. I remember him visiting my gran just before he left.


Has a government been formed yet? Any updates?


That would be an ecumenical matter! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well on rule of precedent how long can they faff about until it’s back to the polls?