General Election, Ireland 2020 - Free Unicorns, Racism, Brick, Ugly, Housing, Tiocfaidh ár lá, Hearts & Minds, Transfers, Asylum, Hot Waters, Open Borders, Polls... Did someone say IMMIGRATION? :icon_eek:


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Is that all we’re dealing with - a mixture of lesbianism and narcissism ? And as with narcissists, the rest of the world exists to feed their ego. The feminism is just a by-product. I mean you couldn’t be a lesbian narcissist without jumping all over feminism as a route to satisfy your grandiosity.


Those dresses will probably end up stored away with the Robinson papers at some point…


That thread seems to have disappeared?


Latest poll carried out on behalf of SF…so grain of salt…however suggestion is that crowd who carried it out got Brexit and UK GE correct…FG looking at wipeout if its correct…expect a barrage of stories about IRA past deeds between now and Saturday across MSM


They don’t have the candidates in place to fully capitalize on this.

But they are facing two pretty favorable outcomes.

  • Go into coalition (probably with FF?)
  • Become the main opposition if FF and FG go into a coalition or supply agreement.

I’d argue the latter is possibly even preferred by SF. Politics is a long game. FF/FG are at high risk at decimating their support and remaining goodwill with the electorate through another term in government, while SF will own the opposition response.


And that might be why SF have only put up 42 candidates in 2020, when they put up 50 in 2016. :ninja:


Ivan Yates - bookie of where’s my Nama fame gives a final prediction:

FF 60 seats
FG 32
SF 25
Independents 18
Greens 10
Labour 7
Solidarity 5
Soc Dems 2
Aontu 1




Seems very high for FF. They will need to be over 30% to get that many seats. In fact it is more bs from the anti SF media outlet. SF have 20+ seats on 16% vote share in 2016. If they get above 20% SF will easily have 32 seats.


Not the first foreign news outlet to mention housing as the burning issue in Ireland’s GE2020. Channel4 and the BBC giving it plenty of coverage.


I can see the sort of numbers that Yates is talking about being the end result. Still not accepting the SF surge in the polls, and FF will do better than they are polling I think.

The thing with share of the vote is that it is fine under first past the post, but of less relevance with the single transferrable voting system. And SF are still quite transfer toxic outside of that 20-25% of voters. So when it comes down to last few seats in 4 or 5 seater they can be taken down by more transfer friendly candidates -which is practically everyone and anyone.


The only thing is though on 20-25% and only running 1`candidate in most constituencies they’ll probably top the poll and not need the transfers. SF transfers will be important but both FF and FG are demonising them so the high transfer won’t go to them, they’ll go other leftwing parties and then it’ll be a bum fight between FG and FF for the last seats. Labour and the Greens are seeing this and are staying schtum in the hope of riding the SF wave. My 2 cents worth but sure we’ll know Sunday.


I cant see FG picking up transfers from anywhere. I think they are likely to prove less transfer friendly than SF this time round.

And if SF get 23 or even 25 percent of the vote theyll be well over 30 seats (they’re into the 20s on 16 per cent as it is). Many of their candidates will also have significant surpluses which are more likely to transfer to FF/Ind etc than FG.

On current numbers the FF/FG block are unlikely to be capable of forming a Govt together, even if they wanted.

Remains to be seen how the Paul Quinn thing impacts over the next day or two. Pretty transparent though. The notion that the Irish Times or RTE care less about these people is laughable.


All that Soros money has to go somewhere you know…

Sinn Fein in Government would allow children under the age of 16 to take their parents to court in order to change their legal gender without the parents consent, Sinn Fein’s LGBTI spokesman has said at a pre-election hustings.

Senator Fintan Warfield was speaking at a hustings organised by “BelongTo”, which is a taxpayer funded lobby group on gay rights issues.

Responding to a question from the Trans Equality Network Ireland, another taxpayer funded lobby group, Warfield said:

“In relation to gender recognition, we want to extend gender recognition to 16 and 17 year olds, that would be what Sinn Fein supports, and then, allowing gender recognition for under 16 year olds with parental consent, and then where parental consent isn’t available, that the family court would rule in the best interests of the child, would be Sinn Fein’s position”.

In such circumstances, a child who believed that they were born in the wrong body would be able, through teachers and social workers, to fight their parents for the right to be declared the opposite gender. A court would make the final decision.

Read more here


And why is it wrong for voters, particularly the young, to be reminded that SF have come out of the Provisional IRA, a terrorist organisation, that still have many members that were active in the IRA? And who still require approval for major decisions from a shadowy ex-IRA group in Belfast?

SF have been busy with revisionism for years trying to airbrush their past but this fact remains the truth, no matter what spin is attempted. If people want to vote for ultra nationalist groups or far left economics then that is fair enough but why not pick a party that hasn’t got a murderous past?

If Sinn Fein ever get into power here it will be the first time that I will have ever been ashamed to be Irish. Imagine another European democracy in modern times voting for a party with this type of background, and who have never fully renounced this background?


She looks photo-shopped in, what do you think?


D4 boys jibe. A hint of homophobia. Better get Fintan Warfield on the case !


Ireland can only have two parties in power that derived from the IRA/terrorists and not three.


Terrorists to some and but in fairness it would be a misrepresentation to leave the IRB out of the picture.

The IRB staged the Easter Rising in 1916, which led to the establishment of the first Dáil Éireann in 1919. The suppression of Dáil Éireann precipitated the Irish War of Independence and the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in 1921, ultimately leading to the establishment of the Irish Free State, which excluded the territory of Northern Ireland.


Its completely disingenuous to equate a relatively short Civil War fought between 2 armed groups who between them probably represented 95% of the voting population as equivalent to what we experienced from approx 1970 to the 1990’s. I don’t recall the history of the Civil War including bombing women and children and widespread racketeering, and carried out by a revolutionary faction with only a small popular support.