General Election, Ireland 2020 - Free Unicorns, Racism, Brick, Ugly, Housing, Tiocfaidh ár lá, Hearts & Minds, Transfers, Asylum, Hot Waters, Open Borders, Polls... Did someone say IMMIGRATION? :icon_eek:


Ya need to talk to @propertyspire methinks.


What has a Sinn Fein member shaking the hand of the Queen of England got to do with anything? Did Sinn Fein come out and say that they were ashamed of their support of terrorism, say what the IRA did was unequivocally wrong and beg for forgiveness from their victims? If they do this then fair enough. All else is simply window dressing from what is still a cult, or a Mafia style organisation, not a proper democratic political party.


There has never been a majority in favour of killing fellow citizens regardless of what you think.

FF/FG have never engaged in racketeering for sure. Not a corrupt soul in these parties even to this day. The guards were never run by a bunch of fascists in coloured shirts. Hundreds of civilians didnt died in the civil and no prison was summarily executed.

We can all live in the past if we want to.


It’s probably a joke gone over my head but I wouldn’t see “D4 boys” as homophobic, although I’m not the ultimate arbiter of that not being homosexual.


A typical Sinn Fein whataboutery-style reply. There is right and wrong in this world and I know what category voting for Sinn Fein falls in to.


IDK, there seems to be a few incarnations of the Sinn Fein brand.éin

Through the 1960s, some leading figures in the movement, such as Cathal Goulding, Sean Garland, Liam McMillen, Tomas MacGiolla, moved steadily to the left, even to Marxism, as a result of their own reading and thinking and contacts with the Irish and international left.

If they get in, maybe they can ask their comrades in socialist international to give us a hand in paying off the national debt.


i was just pointing out the hypocrisy of SF is the only one to every be involved in illegal activity. FF was run by a true soldier of destiny until the 1970s, followed on by a gun runner.

As regards my own politics i have voted for every party apart from SF. Independants No1 and No2. Maybe this year SF will get a No3 or No4. FFG will get zip.


And I know what category supporting British rule falls into. You only have to look at the State papers released under the 40 year rule to see the craven and indefensible behaviour of parties in the South. They should pipe down on their sanctimony.

You and your fellow travellers will spent 30 seconds acknowledging the RUC, UDR, British Army, MI5, Loyalist death axis and then the rest of the hour in your safe space attacking those who opposed them. It is you who should be apologizing.

To be honest, anyone who followed Drumcree each year and still didnt understand the situation is beyond reason.


Thanks for the whataboutery analysis redolent of the New IRA or whatever they are calling themselves these days.

Its not British rule - its British administration and financial propping up of an area that they would leave within 5 minutes if they got the chance. The infantile hard line Republican analysis leaves out the 900,000 or so people in Northern Ireland who regard themselves as British and who will have to be persuaded to join with a new Ireland when demographics make them a minority. And the irony is that as long as anti-British attitudes like yours persists, the further off that day will be.

The SDLP of John Hume and Seamus Mallon were the heroes of the Troubles who took the right path and were the architects of all agreements to date not the psychopaths and criminals in PIRA/SF.


Of course, in the real world Hume went in complete contravention of Mallon (as well as the entire Southern chattering class) in reaching out to Republicans in the early 90s. So you can’t say Mallon and Hume, you can only have Mallon or Hume. In your world, the Irish State would still be fighting and colluding along with an entirely morally bankrupt British state, whose self depiction as impartial and disinterested peacekeepers of warring natives you so happily swallow. It’s entirely ahistorical.


Looks like we have a result in already…


The warning signs have been there for a long time, but he got away with it by playing the race card.


Long day ahead. FF performance is poor

Also noteworthy is the 1% who though immigration and brexit was an important issue in their vote…

Climate change at 6%


Listen out for the Mickey mouse analyses of the SF vote - I heard Ivan Yates and panel talk about their canvassing, and feeling sorry for people ganging up on Mary Lou in debates, and online Shinnerbots. It’s all nonsense.

Yes the RIC debacle gave them a bit of an injection. Thanks Charlie Flanagan ! :sweat_smile: it was perfect for them as it allowed them bask in revolutionary violence without having to get asked about prison officers get shot.

But mainly this is a Brexit type protest vote. It is about falling real living standards, dissatisfaction about how the country is being run. Young people are hearing talk about prosperity but they’re in precarious employment, cannot move out of parents home, are 20 years away from getting a council house, cannot buy or rent.


Labour old guard in real difficult. Squeezed by SF and continuity labour/SD


No that’s not accurate in “real life”. RTE correspondent said that in Oughterard boxes tallies Noel Grealish is outpolling his nearest rival by a factor of 4 to 1.


Despite the alarmist title change on this thread, and the certainty that immigration was going to be the defining issue of the election, it came up in the Ipsos/MRBI exit poll as a deciding factor for 1% of the electorate – in joint last place along with Brexit, and way behind climate change at 6%. Housing was streets (pun intended) ahead of all of them.


Ha, alarmist me’hole, nothing of the sort - it’s very simple, the start of the campaign was marked by a clearly stated, forthright and concerted push via media and political pundits alike to make sure it did not become a talking point or election issue and to demonise anyone or anything who might dare go there - at last count I put that at 20 years, that such a policy is in place, enabled by the effective free pass given within Irish media output over that same period with heavily biased and propagandised output on the issue, seems readily apparent to me - that’s a pattern of topic representation through suppression, that surely should ring a few bells to some here, or maybe enough to really set off all the alarm bells but you need to ask yourself - Why?

Why should we tolerate being scolded like little children by these figureheads of failure for even considering, let alone, peering inside the closet?

We absolutely should not IMHO, but not everyone agrees it seems, and some believe that disagreement alone should trump inalienable rights - That’s not a precedent that leads to quality outcomes.

It seems in Ireland, any issue that becomes so outrageously emotive and officially-quasi-taboo when approached, is a measure of the programming at play and it’s absolute virulence among thought patterns, more than anything, even the truth of the issue itself.


So FG (and FF) follow the liberal social agenda on referenda, elect a Gay taoiseach etc and gets 15% or less of the youth vote. But Soros and Chuck Feeney told us we’d be popular with the youth when we did this !

Anyway SF’s gains are just as transient as Labour’s Gilmore Gale.


This is basically the Irish version of whats happening across the globe, particularly within western societies. Its a rejection by many of the proto liberal version of modernity that has been imposed from above over the past 40 odd years. In the Irish case, rather than anti establishment right wing populism were getting a dose of anti establishment left wing populism.

Remove the woke bullshit (to include the instinct toward open borders) and SF dont differ that much from many other nationalist movements that are labelled (often incorrectly) as being ‘far right’ etc.

Ultimately however we are witnessing the erosion of the ability of the establshment to control narratives in the manner that they always did in the past ie the Paul Quinn/dissident stories of the past few days would have had huge impact even 10 years ago. Now many voters dont even read newspapers or watch RTE…they do however engage around social media etc