General Election, Ireland 2020 - Free Unicorns, Racism, Brick, Ugly, Housing, Tiocfaidh ár lá, Hearts & Minds, Transfers, Asylum, Hot Waters, Open Borders, Polls... Did someone say IMMIGRATION? :icon_eek:


2 days in and this issue ain’t going to go away. Achill protests continue and the taxpayer foots the bill one way or the other.

Questions on immigration, direct provision set to arise for candidates
The Pollagh protest on Achill Island will end in the middle of the Election 2020 campaign.

The three-month “vigil” outside the Achill Head Hotel, has been held in opposition to the establishment of emergency accommodation for asylum seekers.

It all began when members of the small community discovered that contracts had been signed between the Department of Justice and the hotel owner for emergency accommodation.

The initial plan was that 38 men would be accommodated, but following resistance by locals, the Department of Justice suggested that 13 “vulnerable” women would be accommodated instead.

A brief visit by three members of the department did not allay concerns that had been expressed by members of the community. If anything, it heightened them.

It resulted in the compilation of a roster ensuring that members of the community were outside the hotel, 24 hours, seven days a week for the duration of the three-month contract.

It has been an expensive lesson for the Department of Justice and by extension, the taxpayer. By the end of this month, almost €350,000 will have been paid by the department to the Achill Head Hotel.

Achill is just one example of how direct provision and emergency accommodation have come into the spotlight in recent months.


So Charlie Flanagan for the last 7 days:

  • organising RIC commeration
  • watches as chaos reigns and Teenager chopped to pieces. Holy literal fuck !
  • starts child migration comedy show called the 3 Ronnies


This strikes me of censorship, who decides what is rhetoric and what is a valid argument, but sure I’m probably racist for saying that.


This video has raised a lot of questions for people who may not have been really thinking much about what is going on in Ireland.

Based on a number of other sources not specifically this RTE video, I think it may be safe to assume there is at least one or more 20 something year olds, placed in second level education in Ireland pretending to be “children”, there was a recent story about 80% of these “Children” in another European country being found to be adults. Not Children.

I think I have truly found the answer to my long running question about the reality of the reporting of unaccompanied children in very large numbers, moving across multiple countries, the answer now seems very clear they are simply Adults, not Children.


No no, don’t be silly, you are Pro-Free-Speech and that is an evil needing to be eradicated effectively. :icon_rolleyes:


Some balance from the Irish Times circa 2015 on the effects of government immigration policies, oh sorry it’s the indo… :whistle:

In 2015, 17pc of people living here were “foreign-born” (to use the term in the report). In Britain, the equivalent percentage is 13pc**

Archived link -

Some believe that 17% ratio has now breeched 20% - is there a single stat to point to as per the 2015 article that is broadly reliable for the actual figure today?


Sounds like a total racist, much like yourself! :icon_beer:


Panic and double speak as such - the inference here is no one is allowed play the “Racist Card” and if you do they will play the “Racist card” back at you, makes sense or another way to interpret the deeper message is that it’s now racist to be Irish.

Did you know that @blamegame, did you not get the memo?

I wonder are you a racist? Are you? I’ve asked you now you need to tell me, you need to tell everyone you are a racist? Tell the world! Share your story tell us all how you became a racist, what was the first moment you realised you were a racist? When did you tell your parents? How did they take it? Your friends down the pub? What reaction did you get? Where you afraid, did you feel victimised at any point? Do you find you lost friends or became afraid to talk to people or that people wouldn’t talk to you because you were perceived in a certain light within the community as word got round? Did you secretly dress as a racist when no one was at home. Did you feel comfortable having racist thoughts or did you resist them at first? Did you have any other racists to confide in or where you the only racist in the village?

Please tell us your story, to give others just like you hope, maybe act as a role model for younger racists who also need to tell their story and remove the stigma so they can be accepted for who they are - tell us all how you went from being government approved group thinker-repeater to outright flaming racist?



There is a significant demographics hole in Ireland. There are far more 45 year olds than there are 25 year olds. In about 15 years time a large number of people are going to start retiring. The ratio of people employed to retired will rapidly decrease. What will be the affect of this? Pension payments will balloon. Resources needed by the health system will rapidly increase; old people use most of the resources in the health service. The type of pension that people are expecting will not be paid. It will simply cost too much. Politicians will promise otherwise, but the pension payments will not be paid to the level expected. How can I confidently predict this? This is what has happened in other countries with the same demographics concerns. This has already started to happen in Ireland with the increase in the retirement age.

Most immigrants are younger. If it were not for immigrants the demographics issue would be significantly greater concern. There are lots of young people of foreign origin, there are few old people in Ireland at the minute of foreign origin. The only way to prevent poorer old age for most people is to accept immigrants, who will then pay the taxes to pay for pensions etc.

There is a rather unpleasant choice. Either the country gets poorer or the country accepts more immigrants.


IF *immigration is the issue FG are hung out to dry on then the Irish voters are facing a serious democratic dilemma and we could end up with an outcome mirroring the 2011 GE.

If that happens, if that happens … then I would expect continuity Fianna Fail are replaced bu continuity Fine Gael.


Or make housing cheaper and lower the cost of living in general thereby allowing 1 spouse to stay at home, raise a family, have more kids?
Or is that kind of thinking now considered conservative, msyoginistic etc?


Don’t be silly @FreeFallin having babies never worked to grow the population in the past, as it always ended in disaster. Subcontracting out the dirty time consuming messy business of making babies and raising large famlies to some other people is far more progressive. I mean what could go wrong? :icon_neutral:


No, it is just not relevant to what I said.

In about 15 years time a large number of people will start to retire. There are far fewer 25 year olds in the country than 50 year olds. This would be even more so if immigrants were not included. Pension costs will increase significantly. Health costs will increase significantly, because most health costs are due to elderly. Today, these two costs take up almost half the government budget.

Fewer working people will mean that that tax bill needs to be paid by fewer people or the cost of pensions and health care needs to be cut.

Either the country gets poorer, or we find more working people. The only place more people can be found is immigrants.

It takes about 25 years to grow a child to working adult. Some project managers may believe that if you put more people on the project then you can reduce that time line, but I’m not sure it works that way. So growing more people isn’t really an option.

Either the country gets poorer or the country accepts more immigrants.


I vote for being poorer if that means i can find a place to live within 45 minutes of my job.

I can live happily without new shit every year.

I cant live happily without a roof over my head.

Im really struggling to grasp the point of much of the more recent economic growth if all it delivers is profits for under-taxed multi-nationals who mainly employ foreigners, who in turn push up the price of rent. Wheres the benefit in that for the segment of the native population who are neither landlords nor business owners?

Plus…has anyone considered the contradictory nature of the ‘Green’ message when it comes to migration? Ie many of those liberals who wish to implement policies that curtail CO2 emmissions are often the same liberals who engage in a form of market fetishisation that considers infinite economic growth as an aspiration, itself underpinned by the importation of more and more migrants designed to both cut labour costs and increase consumption, not to mention increase competition for
basic resources.

Id further guess that a low income person from a developing country sees an increase in their carbon footprint when they move to a developed country, starts earning big bucks and purchasing cars and various other consumerables. None of it makes any sense.


This is remarkably similar to Nicolae Ceaușescu’s policy of making Romania more powerful and important by increasing the population, its one of the dumbest idea’s I have ever heard

Did you ever think about some of the reasons Women are having less children, one reason is high house prices, another is low wages, both of which are caused in part by your open boarder policies

Importing more Mexicans, Turks, Brazilians ect to do the jobs people from Eastern Europe no longer want to do won’t make us rich, and even if I thought it might, its still a terrible idea


Fewer people working every year and increasing bills for pensions and health costs of increasing retirees will make the country poorer. There are approximately 1/3 fewer 25 year olds in the country than there are 50 year olds. The country will become relatively poorer over the next generation. There are about three broad options on how to deal with this:

  • Increasing taxes
  • Cut pensions and other services for elderly
  • Replace the population deficit with immigrants.

I’m not saying any of these are right or wrong. But these are the options. Personally I believe all three options will be done.


Of course many migrants pay very little tax, many migrants are net recipients of transfers from the state (including housing) and most don’t work in social care.

I know, let’s continue with fixing Western Europes possible demographic problems by causing them in Croatia etc


Casualty No.1

This lad topped the poll in Tallaght in the local elections.

He mentioned Varadkars lineage yesterday and he mentioned predatory women today and Mary Lous had enough. Cant be speaking the wrongthink. Cant even be thinking it.

The likelihood is that Paddy, similar to many, got involved with SF in order to try and stick it to the man. He now realises that SF is the man…or the woman given its modern Ireland we’re dealing with.

Straight talkers across the board need a political home pronto. Question is where will it be?


He’s clearly been listening to the ‘wrong’ podcasts. That can make you say things out loud that you’re not supposed to :thinking:

In a nod to the Stickies, SF should change their name to “SF/The Wokest Party”…then 5 years time just “The Wokest Party”… They’re the only party on the island to successfully split about abortion. Good job !


I think Paddy has made a fool of himself there, his starting assumption is wrong, he assumes that a predatory woman has symmetry to a predatory man, both are clearly different, and his story about some lad being blackmailed by some under age girl sounds like a creep getting his excuse in before the fit hits the shan. A bit like that case last week where a woman was attacked and almost abducted by some predator, who now claims it was all a joke gone wrong LOL, tell it to the jury dickhead

Will be interesting to see if he still gets elected