George Lee claimed more than €16,000 in expenses … 45278.html

You would have to see what he spent it on before making a judgement on it really.


I’d wager his expenses for RTE are of a similar scale!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is such a non story… TD claims modest expenses shocker!

It works out about 2000 per month giving George Lee a potential annual 24,000 expense claim for the year.

John O’Donoghue wind bag supreme claimed what over quarter of a million? If my figure is roughly correct you are talking 11 or 12 George Lee / TD expense claims for one TD.

If anything George represented value for money.

This was the man postioned as a model of integrity by some.

It’s less than half the average claim, but then again he does live in Dublin…

:open_mouth: he achieved nothing, got paid a wage, and expenses (which are part of the gig).

Anyone of us could do that.

Read my post!

I did.

I don’t think this contradicts that. I’ve claimed well more than 2 grand in expenses from work on occasion. If he is driving around a lot you could build that up in no time!

He gets free parking though.

For er, life.

Are you on 90k a year for 3 days a week? I’d wager your expenses are controlled a little bit tighter then the dail’s.

Difference though is that you’ll probably achieve something of tangible importance.

Don’t get me wrong I think he would have been an asset to the country, but I have lost a little respect for him for running away.

You’re joking right?


All former TDs get this as a right of privilege at Leinster House. There was another smear story on George a while ago that tried to play up this angle…

He won’t get a TD’s pension will he?

A what now ?

:blush: :blush:

Seriously this isn’t a duck house or a moat a la the Telegraph exposes.

This is people who’ve been laying “in the cut” for Georgie boy and waiting for their opportunity it is so so typical of small minded shite from Irish politics.

So you advocate being paid for doing nothing, “typical small minded shyte” as you put it, is accepting it and continuing on with the Parish Pump politics, he ran away, at least Homer Simpson gives a reason.

This has been a party political broadcast on behalf of Fianna Fail.

Not from me, that I’ll guarantee you.