George Lee resigns from Fine Gael

Now he can speak his mind again…fair play.


Ah, you have to laugh really.

But not his seat I presume?

reality has just tilted.

TodayFM has reported that he is resigning his seat as well.

A twisted FF plot to completely undermine FG

He has resigned his seat as well.

What will he do now?? Go on the dole?! RTE will hardly take him back :slight_smile:

Could be juicy.

Oh deary dear George… On the one hand, it’s commendable but on the other it clearly shows he has no desire to do anything root and branch, radically different.

Press statements about car clampers getting Georgie down, obviously.

Alan Ahearne, George Lee, RIP.

very damaging to fg.

Will this bring the knives out for Enda or will the party be happy to see the end of a blow in? I can’t believe that FG can shoot themselves in the foot when they should be putting FF to the sword.

Why not? They voted Enda Kenny as leader. How cutting edge and Braveheart was that? Have you forgotten his contract with the Irish people nonsense of a party political broadcast last time round?

FG TDs will be happy, I’d wager.

It just occurred to me that FF might actually be the best and most competent government this island can produce and I felt an actual literal shiver down my spine.

Dream on baby…

Lets not be too quick to judge,

George is fundamentally a nice guy. Perhaps he’s learned fast that change will not come from the inside.
Its straight down the middle there is no ambiguity there.

Maybe this single event will teach the majority how the game has really worked up to this point and.
I can imagine George spent a lot of time doing this |O

Best news I’ve heard in a while to be honest.

He could have given it more than 9 months before throwing his toys out of the pram ffs.

It’s a horrible thought, isn’t it?