George Lee v Eamonn Ryan Today FM

a win for GL I though ; Eamonn his usual nice guy waffly self

won on points but it was pretty tame and not much in it.

**However MOL is on now and not holding back **

I had wondered where GL was hiding. This is a great political system we have. Take a comentator that has the ear ofthe people and lock him in a back room. !!

FG had him in the back room over the summer trying on funny uniforms and eating silage.


Coles 2 on an earlier thread you were starting a cult in Kilkenny Mansion, now its uniforms and silage eating in back sheds.mmmmm.“I think this has legs” what say you and I pitch this sucker to the Dragons Den. 8DD

Ryan exposed his delusional assumption behind NAMA when he let slip that NAMA would recoup its costs ‘when [property] values go back up’ (paraphrasing).

On another point, Lee should have emphasized his claim that FG’s plan does not involve the state taking ownership of toxic debt, rather that the banks would have to do that.

Eamonn Ryan is out of his depth when he steps in a puddle crossing the road. He needs water wings in the bath. He is just stupid, plain and simple. Thick as the wall on some unfinished piece of property that he wants to piss away your and my money on.

He is the political equivalent of a red setter - lots of energy and no sense and does not know any better.

anyone have the link

thanks theschneer

The Greens are saying that Global Warming meant that sea-levels were going to rise by 20m* in the next century.

Therefore they think that all the NAMA land is going to suddenly increase in value because, all this NAMA land is 21m above sea-level, so its suddenly going to beach-front property ?

He’s the Lex Luthor of Irish Politics ?

  • Or some other scary makey-uppy number
about 20 minutes in

Disclaimer I don’t think Eamon Ryan is stupid.

The saying goes:

So do you think he’s being malicious ?