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George doing what he does best. Sobering thoughts once more but another Sunday ruined :cry:

spotted George in Dunnes Cornelscourt today - a grumpier countanence you couldnt imagine

Did you make him an offer in your usual way ??

The main crux of his argument is that the government should reduce the deficit very slowly. I disagree. The faster we make our economy competitive the better. We need to rip the plaster off and take the pain immediately.

This is a debate that needs a much wider platform.

The way that you suggest could lead to social unrest and the truth coming out but the way you say GL suggests would allow FF to continue to hide bodies and I dont agree with it at all. Rock on your way. 8DD

I thought he hit upon the core problem in Irish economics and politics, even if he did just “drive by” it.

The legacy of Shorterm-ism, cronyism and what Pat Leahy wrote about in “Showtime” … Ireland has no savings for a rainy day. Irish politicians, and in particular FF’s economic policy, summed up by Charlie McCrevy’s “I’ll spend when I have it, I won’t when I don’t” approach meant there was no money for a rainy day because it was all poured into “turbo charge” the existing economic growth, to use the economics term its pro-cyclical economic policies. Cash being thrown at “pet projects” and tax cuts to appease friends and party contributors, when the economy was already growing.

Even your granny knew better than successive Irish governments, she always told you to save some money for a rainy day.

Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets for little ol’ Ireland because we are in the Euro. We now have no option but to be pro-cyclical on a down turn to deal with the fall out, taking money out of the economy just when we can least afford to do it. Now, just like a junkie who’s just had a major high, Ireland is about to have the horrors of cold turkey.

Blue Horseshoe

Only got a chance to listen to this last night, it’s essential listening.

The bould Charlie who’s off to Ryanair now?

Quel surprise… … 56950.html

I’m amazed by the reactions to this.

George Lee’s opposition to the slash and burn to close the defecit and appease the bond markets postion puts him at odds with about 90% of the poster here. That is to say, those posters who commented on the threads about deflation and the deficit.

The TASC economists got lambasted, and from this parish ( rock3r and Ernie Ball) amongst others,for opposing pro-cyclical economic policy. How come George isn’t getting the same treatment :question: