German Bank Rescue Fund Closes Last Outstanding Debt

German Bank Rescue Fund Closes Last Outstanding Debt Guarantee → … -guarantee

So that just leaves the 330 billion Depfa bad bank to be paid off then…

Which should be paid off about the same time as the last German WW1 repartition bond.

Thanks JMC. Interesting to wind through the detritus left behind by Hypo and Depfa. Seems to be smaller than 330B - … -6-1-.html

Is there more elsewhere?

The reports for FMS are here … 16-reports

Hypo / Depfa was only half the stinking carcasss. Remember West LLB? Almost as big as the Hypo mess.

Well last year they dismembered the body of that particular bad bank with a chain saw and hid the various parts around the German banking system…

As came out during the whole oops we lost 40B in collateral / no it was actually under a filing cabinet the whole time episode a few years ago (where they had to readjust the German national debt by a few percent) the German bad bank saga makes the Enron accounts department look like a model citizen of financial transparency.

Remember that the next time some German starts lecturing the naughty Eurozone countries about financial prudence. And yes, Deutsches Bank is still technically insolvent. And yes, DB is still underwriting most of the German “export miracle” with ultra cheap export financing. Thats German financial rectitude for you.

Depfa Bank to be sold at 6pc of its 2007 valuation - Donal O’Donovan → … 76077.html