German Elections 2017


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Expectation is that Merkel forms yet another coalition government. Her governments decisions in the last term particularly in regard to the massive economic migration wave that Germany unleashed to deflect attention from the EU sovereign debt crisis (especially refusing to allow Greece default) and its continuing efforts to offload the problems caused by this policy onto other EU states are probably going to be the basis for political conflict for the next few years as more national sovereignty political movements (PC speak “the far right”) assert themselves.


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Schadenfreude. Pure Schadenfreude.

Its a long time since I laughed this much when the first closing polls came in.

CDU/CSU lost almost one third of theirs seats. Absolutely catastrophic results for the CSU in Bavaria.

SPD’s lost one third of their seats. Now a rump party. Now only 50 seats ahead of AfD. The Greens and Die Linke (DDR Kommies) did badly. The sane party, the FDP’s, are back around 70.

But the news of the night, the AfD, the party that said that maybe allowing in millions of illiterate muslim peasants was a very bad idea, is now the third largest party in the Bundestag. Around 90. Now where this get really interesting is that in large parts of Ossi-land (ex-DDR) AfD is now the second largest political party.

I think you have to go back to Henrich Bruning to find a Chancellor as incompetent as Merkel.

So I wonder how long the Ganja Coalition lasts.



geez, the greens in power in germany could be catastrophic for the whole of europe.

merkel & schulz, the original tweedledee and tweedledumb. why did schulz think he could win on an “i love the eu even more” platform?


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Nice breakdown of voting patterns. Very like the FN in France. Just like the FN did AfD are becoming the party of ordinary working class people.

Well thats the end of the Bundesrepublik as we knew it. I wonder what comes next. Its also the end of Junkers Federal Europe. The FDP are almost as ant-federalist as the AfD. Plus they want to rollback Draghis ECB printing presses.


Looks like Jamaica is DOA…

Plus this is the first time I’ve seen in English what has been talked about sotto voice in the German media for the last five years.

By “internal” devaluation he means high unemployment and no economic growth for the “naughty” Eurozone countries in the foreseeable future.

Then there are the antics of companies like VW…


how right you were, sir.
the jamaican option is off. I;m sure that Germany will function very well without a government


That’s not really a German or VW phenomenon though, is it?
The way the story is presented is in any case incredibly sloppy undermining its apparent point.


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