German spokesman, honour agreements.. dont mention the W

There was a time when history was written by the victor.
Now history is being re-written by the wealthy.

Remarkable how many German spokseman got away with talking of agreements being honoured and debts being repaid on national radio yesterday in reference to Greece. heres just one, Merkels party voiced the same

The Bundesbank president Weidmann said " What’s clear is that Greece is still dependent on aid programmes and such programmes can only exist when agreements are honoured,”

well done to Damien Kilberd for point out the hypocrisy, its been mentioned numerous times

dissapointed no one on the radio mentioned this when interviewing various German spokemen, it was like painting a big target across their chest … it cried out for someone to mention war debt, marshall plan funds and numerous bond holders being bailed out of a contract they lost their shirt on.

I suspect they know: … 69703.html

It seems memes spread in the irish media like treacle - that link above is almost 4 years ago, and likely not even the first.

In reality, greece can’t expect to have more, better paid and earlier retiring public servants than everywhere else. Nor can it afford to simply not bother collecting taxes, and spending borrowed money.

“Reality” left the Eurozone a long time ago. German demands are differently ludicrous.