Germans Deliver Devastating Blow to Gilmore.

Somebody, I fear, must have talked to Merkel about them Sticks.

A letter from the notorious Workers Party General Secretary Seán Garland to his comrades in East Germany and dated 26th February 1989 has seemingly leaked out of Berlin to the Irish Times. The timing, to be frank, is just awful. Poor ole Gilmore barely a few weeks into the Presidency and all that. … 06007.html

There is more, not least the implication that the Irish Times has suddenly acquired more of these begging letters to publish from German state archives no less. :slight_smile: On February 26th, 1989 our dear Frau Merkel was well locked up behind the Berlin Wall by the good friends of Eamonn Gilmores party from whom they sough cash.

Less than 4 months later Eamonn Gilmore was elected as a TD for that Party in Dun Laoghaire where he already ran for the Dáil in 1987 and had represented the Party on Dublin County council and Dun Laoghhaire council since 1985.

I wonder whether the East German Government funded that Dáil campaign…the Times ain’t saying…yet.

I’m sure Merkel will be sympathetic all the same, next time she sees him. :slight_smile:

Sure has anything changed? :angry:

There is another article in the Times today. … 04886.html

and another by a different journo…and referring latterly to that and the first linked articles. … 04924.html

Yet, I suspect there may well be even more in the coming week. :slight_smile:

Suppose there is no fee for quoting paper archives… handy that. :angry:

I read this EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT as a PAY ATTENTION to that which is in rags!

I’m only wondering what Gilmore did to attract all of this sudden attention at* this moment* in time me. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone in the red corner didn’t pay for links to the IT on a blog or something :angry:

I was present at a closed session meeting in 2003 at which a retired senior cop vented the opinion that the Provies were the most effective guerrilla force in history - even though they lost. He was almost right - the Provies were only the second best:

Germans are warned: Irish may need fresh bailout - Nick Webb → … 50533.html

Bruton says debt deal unlikely before German elections - Fionnan Sheahan → … 50781.html

Foreign journalists at sea with bank debt jargon and technical detail - Judith Crosbie → … 37056.html

I have been back in Ireland for a couple of weeks on holiday . When the conversation turns to the economy everybody seems convinced that the Germans are going to give us a deal on bank debt / promissory notes . A couple of people are even convinced that a deal is already done and is just being kept under wraps .

I did not want to be Mr Gloom and Doom but when I asked why we would get a deal nobody seemed to know other than ’ to prove that the bailout is working ’
To me the proof that the bailout is working is doing excatly what the Troika want . Why would the Germans care if the Irish economy just floats along in the doldrums for the next 10 years as long as we repay our debts and live within our means .

Can someone explain why we would get this deal ? Serious question .

Because we will have a nasty ‘hard default’ if we don’t get assistance with a ‘soft default’

The debt is unpayable, and one way or another, like Greece , we will get some of it written off. The fact that large parts of the debt were unjustly placed on the Irish people is a moral justification for a pragmatic reality.

That’s the Crosbie strategy, “Dont’ shoot me I love kids/I’m holding a baby”

Would they not just write off the bare minimum of the debt to avoid a hard default while making ongoing austerity for Ireland a condition of any deal . What difference would it make for the ordinary citizen of Ireland ?

I think that the Anglo Bank debt is seen as the bare minimum.

The security on German governemnt buildings, especially the federal law buildings, courts, offices, is very tight and very discreet

I guess we forget that Sinn Fein the Workers party effectively took over the Irish Labour Party. The key movers in that party were Pat Rabitte, Eamon Gilmore and Prionsias de Rossa. At the time Sean Garland was playing the red card as an internationalist Irish Revolutionary, running fake 100 dollar bills, via North Korea, USSR

So at one point or another two current senior irish serving ministers were classed by foreign diplomats as ‘terrorists’, involved in self confessed ilegal activity. Were they actualy killing people too then? (the Official IRA)

Based on this it would be great to believe that Eamon, and Pat could generate enough fear in Frankfurt to force the bank to blink. Otherwise they could threaten to send over Gerry Adams and his colleagues.

Just in case younger people on the board think that 1989 was a long time ago, it wasn’t a long time ago.

However I’m sure that Ireland will get a big juicy bank deal, before our threatened default at the end of March.

Pinsters do realise that the title of this thread group is Marching Toward Default, and a serving Irish minister has said the Irish government intends to default on a €3bn repayment at the end of March this year???

Just wondering

That is pretty much how I see along with the ruling / elite class would never want to default or walk away from Europe.

WT Cosgrave and Eamon DeValera were classed as terrorists by the UK government too.

My point is in many ways, so fucking what if Gilmore was part of Sinn Féin The Workers Party. He left the party twenty years ago.

You ever stop to consider that maybe, just maybe they were right.
Can people not see how we have been lied to and the media spun right up to today. Now try and imagine that when DeValera was in power and could literally write the history books. A time when people were subservient to institutions of the church/state

Exactly, none, the only way we could have threatened them was if we cut out our deficit to nothing or close to nothing years ago.

Just think … we’ll be able to see how Tanaiste Adams and Minister Mary Lou get on in a few years time anyway … this may not be a joke.

Some people still think the whole English thing matters.

So they dredge through the past and bring up stuff.

Then they spray it with “shit smell” and fling it around.

Some other people get jolly excited.

It doesn’t make a difference to the deficit.