Germans in line for €1bn of NAMA assets - Arthur Cox

Germans in line for €1bn of NAMA assets - Emmet Oliver -> … 57052.html

I think there are serious questions for Arthur Cox to answer for this document which is available here … 202011.pdf

The firm which is arguably the lead provider of legal advice to NAMA publishes information hitherto not publicly seen (the €500-1bn of German assets). Knowing Arthur Cox’s involvement with NAMA this document was unsettling.

yeah extraordinary thing to put up on the internet.
Singing their close ties to NAMA and NAMA’s German assets in one paragraph and their service offerings to German investors in following paragraphs.

I wonder would their senior partners have signed off on that?
Pride comes before a fall.

I hope someone has saved a copy of that PDF.


Pretty sure NWL will have as well, having learned his/her lesson from when DoF went and changed the numbers in their online reports retrospectively.

Is this not canvassing? Or saying they have the ability to canvass?

PS kudos to Emmet Oliver for the article and to NWL for finding the document…

Time to start bending the ears of a few new TDs anxious to make a name for themselves…

This is an effing disgrace by AC. The point of mentioning NAMA is to say “we know how the system works” -nod & wink. AC is clearly touting for work from German buy-out bodies and banks. There is nothing wrong with that, but to do so when they are acting for the Irish Govt, the Irish Banks, and NAMA, is outrageous. No doubt they would like to act on all sides of any transaction - clearly no conflict of interest…

There are two man made objects you can see from space - The Great Wall of China and the Chinese Walls in Arthur Cox.

If there was any balls in NAMA, or in any Government, this type of b****ks would cost someone their job.