Gerry Adams given position as crown Steward

which is pretty funny
and stupid seeing as all he would have to do would have been turn up and try and take his seat without OATH of allegience

edit. It seems they conferred the position on him without him actually accepting anything :wink:
Got to admire their sense of humour, Gerry looking po faced over this

Can the other Louth Dáil candidates address him by his new title?!

That’d be pretty funny.

Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead no less! I reckon there are parts of this island where you would be better off being Andy Gray at Germaine Greer’s Birthday party than have that title. This one will run and run!

Yes. Gerry wouldn’t tell a lie. He’s like a bearded George Washington.

Don’t you mean Honest Abe Lincoln

A funny bit of politics alright. I’m not sure I understand the gist. Are they using this device to deny him the chance to resign on his own terms or to make a commotion in not taking the oath of allegiance? Just curious. I don’t take any interest in the doings of Gerry Adams really (other than to tell anyone who thinks otherwise that he is a hypocrite, a liar and a cretin of the first degree).

No, I think he’s referring to the alleged quote of GW, to his mother, when challenged as to whether he cut down a tree:

It’s actually a legal requirement, not just an internal parliamentary procedure. Apart from bankruptcy, elevation to the Lords or being convicted of a crime carrying a minimum sentence of 1 year, the only way to forfeit your seat is by accepting a paid office of the crown, and they’re certainly not going to make him a high court judge.
The House of Commons is like the Hotel California.

It really is. I can’t stop laughing at all this. If he gets elected in Louth ( and my fingers, toes and eyeballs are crossed that he does not) do we have to address him as Sir Gerry now? I hope that people do, just to piss him off ! :smiley:

According the H.M Treasury Website he’s announced as “Gerard Adams;Steward and bailiff of the Barony”.
His other option of a quick resignation was to plea “mental illness”.
Something I think he should have taken. The guy’s a mentalist.

Funny you should say that, the current holder of the title is Iris Robinson

There sure are some crazy traditions in the houses of parliament. Hope all the tv stations announce him accordingly on the upcoming interviews

…but I’ll take the pension…so I will.

Are you entitled to a pension? If you are, you should take it.

A brief guide

and in a bit more detail
[ … ce/p11.pdf]()

Not so, she’s the Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Chiltern Hundreds (Stoke, Desborough and Burnham)

(page 28)

My bad…I had heard she had one of the 2 titles, was under the impression it was the one that Jorra ‘is after’

Interesting to see that Michael Davitt was also declared a Crown Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead when he resigned as an MP for South Mayo in October 1899. Here’s a link for all you people who have never heard of him.

Image from Wikipedia

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It’s not a knighthood so there’s no reason for anyone to addres hin as “Sir”. It’s just an antiquated British parliamentary tradition that probably should have been shelved long ago. Were the same procedure to apply in Ireland, this place would be full of posts decrying the backward nature of our parliamentary system.