Get ahead of the curve and live to tell the tale



Below is the Roadmap to navigate the rest of the years media messaging.

Here you can find each group of pre-determind marks that have also been given a number and as you can see the HSE are already hard at work on marks 1 - 4 and that is what you daily media is currently chock-a-bloc with.

This list of marks by groupings, must represent the Regime’s roadmap to get to their target of 80% of the population injected by September 2021 with an experimental genetic cell modifying serum.

This list can be used to prepare and update your mental firmware, to help filter out various upcoming cybernetic attacks on your mind, by allow you to filter out targeted, coercive messaging, isolating group-think messaging and argument and blockout or negate the regimes fuelled and funded daily media hysteria - all of which is designed trick you into getting in line to be experimented on and studied - since, after all one of the greatest challenges in all of this is, let us never forget communications and getting ahead of the “anti-vaxxers” and their sneaky campaigns.

There is no guarantee the application will be linear order as is already the case in the UK they’ve begun to target via legislation the marks in group 10, if we were to apply this list to their current advancements, but perhaps they are much further along a similar list.

2yrs+ Permanent lockdown - NO EXIT
Examples of lies, deceptions, misdirections and unchecked propaganda in the daily MSM matrix

The largest demographic here who can’t wait to get the experimental injection are the 18-54 year olds. :wink:

The media will probably target your cohort (demographic) hardest over the next while.

PREPARE to receive the HATE BOMBS OF LOVE!!!


So look at that list now. Resemble the media output since posted?

You bet it does. Look where we are now.

Ireland one big control group in how to vanquish a nation using experts & science via the media raygun.

Times up for the experiment.