Get out to get them out

Can somebody please organise a mass protest up in the Phoenix Park to demand a general election.

A few thousand people in Merrion Sq isn’t going to cut it. We need a million people up in the park demanding an election.


Out FF - OFF for short…

We should get stickers for front doors along the lines of ‘No Junk Mail’ saying ‘FF not welcome here’ save everyone a load of hassle when election time comes around

Prefer FOFF
Can we bring shoes to express ourselves with?

You FF’d up
We’ve no FF’ing future
Go FF yourselves

What’s the FFing point! The next government will have one hand tied!

I reckon the way to get rid of them is to use the weakness of the system against itself. In Ireland, the weakness of our political system is that 'All politics is local’, so make the protest local. Make it clear to your local FF TD and councillors that their own communities will hold them accountable for their actions.

Fuck Organising it, or faffing about.
Just do it.

Protest at your Local TDs constituency office, Saturday at midday.
Spread the word on twitter,, etc.
Take responsibility and spread the word yourself.

Members database of TD’s is here - … disp=const

I like the shoes idea, though I believe pitchforks are the traditional implements in Ireland.
Perhaps in their absence broomsticks will do?

They’ll be out by the time you get the protest organised. Besides, I was ready for marching in 2002 but the phone never rang. Bit late now.

A few thousand people getting OFF in Phoenix Park? Sounds kinky, but I’m not sure it will help much.

Its the entire Irish ruling class that needs to be eradicated. They are fucking leeches who are happy to sell the rest of the "citizens"into penury (to quote Pat Rabbitte) so as to ensure that they remain in the comfort they are accustomed to.

Thats what the banking guarantee was about. Thats what NAMA is about. In fact thats what the Tribunals were about. Thats what its always been about.

By hook or by crook.

Vote the ticket, in reverse order. So if 14 candidates start at 14 for ff1, 13 for ff2, and theron as you wish. It will destroy them. Dont plump, vote the whole ticket

+1 PtG.

“Can’t someone else do it?”

Why don’t ALL the opposition TD’s just resign their seats.Walk out on mass and call the people out on to the streets.
By the way Dan O’Brien ripped in to Dick Roche on the late debate (Radio 1) earlier. Worth a listen.
Then again it’s all been said hasn’t it? The IMF are here,debate is futile now. The opposition though need to act and bring the people with them. They can’t govern anyway as we as a country no longer have that privelege.

Don’t give them anything.
You don’t have to give them any preference at all.
Anyone but FF.
No-one is preferable…

However if there are two candidates in Fianna fail left for the last seat, and they are the only two you get to pick which one to kick out.

So say in Donegal in a general elction you could choose to kick out Mary Coughlan

So I say vote all the way all the time

If I ever saw evidence that the citizens in this democracy had come to the only logical conclusion about elections, namely, that the only useful vote is a vote against current incumbents at every election no matter how competent the government of the day, since this is the only way the citizenry can disrupt the formation of elites, then I might vote.

But until then I will always spoil my vote. It’s an opportunity to register my protest which the system must record plus I get to libel certain politicians in public and be assured that their workers will see it.

While your first point seems to have some merit I am baffled by your conclusion as to the best way forward.What would you say to someone who follows your advice and always votes for the opposition when they ask you, how you voted?

You don’t see the contradition there no?
You have come to the conclusion that the only useful vote is to vote for the opposition and yet you choose to spoil it?

Surely the first step to start " the disruption of the formation of the elites" would be by “not spoiling your vote” and voting for the opposition.

instead of waiting for some magical day when “the citizens in any democracy had come to the only logical conclusion about elections, namely, that the only useful vote is a vote against current incumbents at every election no matter how competent the government of the day”
Why don’t you start acting that way yourself. You could even then start advising others to do the same.

The logic of your decision to spoil your vote seems similar to these guys.

I’m sorry but your argument is so similar to “they’re all the same”.

It’s damaging and it keeps political elites happy that people like you spoil their vote.

Oh well done! That strategy has worked a treat so far. Grow up.