Get Out!



Two words.



Whats fascinating about the Calgary video is that it is the classic example of Color of Authority attempts by local authorities to intimidate people. Only one of those people has any actual law enforcement authority even though they are all dressed in the same kind of uniform.

The public health official,the woman, has put on a blue jumpsuit to make it look like she is some kind of police. The other “police” are actually what are called Bylaw Enforcement Officers in Canada. Civilians that are employer by local authorities to write parking tickets and littering tickets etc. Think traffic wardens. They have no law enforcement authority although their uniform looks almost the same as the one police officer.

The way the Polish guy dealt with them was the only way to deal with this kind of brute force attempts at intimidation. Some local snitched on their church service which was completely legal under Alberta law. In fact the main reason why these people in uniforms left is because they actually were committing a criminal offense under Federal law. Causing a disturbance at a religious gathering.

Also notice that the moment they were challenged the one actual police office present just wanted out of there. Because he knew just how legally dubious their position actually was.

Thats how you deal with these attempts at state intimidation.