'Get over' the idea of buying a home, says PayPal boss

Our overlords are getting uppity at the thoughts of us aspirational peasants

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She always struck me as slightly bonkers.

she lost me at Ireland Inc.

Paypal boss?

I don’t see her on the board of directors.


Her role is operational. She isn’t a founder or anything fancy like that…just a worker bee.

Well it is the Indo so accuracy ain’t their strong point.

I can’t take her seriously since she said the education system is failing industry by not turning out fluent Dutch and Nordic language speakers to staff tech support lines.

sorry to generalise, but the women in ireland at the ‘head’ of the tech co’s are cracked :angry:

Well they do say its the Irish and the English have a big thing about owning property

Maybe someone should tell Mary Robinson
Former Irish president Mary Robinson and her husband Nick are to sell their 113 acre lakeside home in the west of Ireland with a market price of €2.75m.
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Least we forget there is some truth in her comment.

“‘Get over’ the idea of buying a home, says PayPal boss” because I’m not going to ever pay you a wage or give you the job security on which you could afford to service a mortgage.

Nail on head!
A bit ironic when you consider the Thatcherite doctrine of getting people to buy houses and become wage slaves who would be unwilling to strike and risk being homeless. The logic being that people who lived in council houses were far more willing to strike as their housing was safe.

Long term the mortgage market for lenders is dead so. What will the banks do?

I’ve considered that before. The banking business is changing. Mortgages of 20 or 25 years don’t match working patterns now. Banks are competing with other lenders for domestic, business and finance deals. I don’t see an easy future for conventional banks but the bank buildings are going to make nice restaurants/pubs/public spaces in coming decades.

Sounds like a good idea. I think the churches could learn from this!

She might as well say “get used to poverty in old age”. Because if pension provision doesn’t radically change then an Irish family who don’t own their home will be a poor family.

I think The Dublin Chamber of Commerce is a sewer btw

She is dead right.

When you adjust for the fact that nearly all of them own their own homes or pay low social rents, pensioner poverty is among the lowest in Europe.

I can see a signficant cohort - mainly people born after 1970 - hitting retirement without this protection though.

She has a point. All.our policies are aimed at home ownership. Renting long term is social anathema and really only considered appropriate for the mad and the bad. Govt has excused itself entirely from housing provision. The point I take is that we should focus on appropriate housing instead of subsidising building 3 bed semi detached long commutes from workplaces

The worst company in Ireland, probably in the world. The people they employ are either deliberately r3tard3d or actually are.

I would say our current policies are aimed at the direct opposite