Get ready to blitz Today with Pat Kenny - Budget

The Minister of Finance since Albert Reynold’s time in the job appears on Today with Pat Kenny on the day after the budget for the whole programme 10-12, to take questions from the public re the budget. If as many of us as possible, both members and lurkers etc, hammer the programme overnight with emails on the proposed State backed mortgages for New Build dwellings it could snowball as an issue. Ministers of Finance have changed the Finance Bill from that of the budget because of the reaction that arose on the airwaves on Pat Kenny in the past.

It is up to each individual to frame their own email. I would rather not have a standard template response to develop. You have all the time in the world tonight to frame your argument to email. If you are willing and feel confident enough to go on air and put your point directly to the Minister then include a phone number.

The email is

I shall certainly be typing like mad this evening.

I shall most definitely do my bit.

If what we are all expecting is to come to pass, the I’ll be making sure to write in also.

won’t take long - sureI can just copy-and-paste from one of several other indignant emails at this stage :unamused:





and done


Email sent.


Call me a cynic, but those of us with multiple email addresses should send in a radically differently worded email from another address, just to boost the numbers. There will be hundreds of people writing in about health alone. Bear that in mind before you get your hopes up about this even being mentioned, let alone getting top billing.

email sent.

and done…



But Looks like Pat Kenny will focus on the medical card issue, Radio 1s primary demographic.

Agree with GB.

Have sent two emails anyway.

It’s a 2hour programme GB and its all budget tomorrow.

May I recommend we hit them with our new discovery