GET TRUMP NOW! - - The Great Derrangement - Why Winners Act like Losers

It has always been a GET TRUMP posture from before he was elected and at all costs - it is this that has lead to the great destabilisation of our times, not one man, but the very many who are united by wanting one man gone.

They will stop at nothing until their insatiable desire and thirst for real or symbolic blood is fully satisfied.

Why are the many individuals, politicians, world institutions and global corporate entities, so united in their collective intent of completely annihilating the 45th President of The United States in his final two weeks in office.

What is it that terrifies these people so much that they appear to stop at nothing and run over the precepts of law and order, and very foundation of western values, day in day out to get this one man gone.

Why are the winners. Acting like Losers.


Firstly, the 6th of January was being hearalded as # 1776 redux by some, the 2nd American revolution, which is notably the opening thematic framing of the very first Q drops, then counted throughout.

Interesting, but why?

Trump Cyber Assassinated.

Virtually taken out by the tech giants, a techno-firing-squad. His ability to communicate with the people on big popular social media platforms, terminated temporarily or possibly for good.

If you ever had any doubts or even you had no clue, no longer can you claim to be in the dark looking at how big-tech is trans-political and happy to drone you in cyberspace, exactly, they are not afraid to use it, such are the stakes, everything must be at stake.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the list grows.

It was crucially important to remove any evidence that Trump was not inciting anyone to do anything other than protest and then go home peacefully, so as the narrative could be shaped and related universally, which has been witnessed in the last 24/48 hours form within and outside the US.

The Frenzy for the 25th or Impeachment.

Pelosi calls for 25th, stage setting and the narrative is built.

Peloso Claims president of united states incited an “armed insurrection against America… seditious act… remove this president by using 25th amendment”

BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi calls for VP Pence and the Cabinet to remove President Trump from office via the 25th Amendment, or another impeachment effort may be carried out by Democrats."

Pence, he no answer phone

Speaking to reporters in New York, @SenSchumer says he and @SpeakerPelosi tried to call @VP this morning to tell him to invoke the #25thAmendment, but “they kept us on hold for 25 minutes and then said the vice president wouldn’t come on the phone.”


Another Cabinet secretary criticizes Trump. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue says, “I think inciting people to not have a peaceful transition of power was not the right thing to do. And I’m disappointed in that.” He hasn’t discussed wresting power from Trump with other Cabinet members.


BREAKING: Federal prosecutor doesn’t rule out prosecuting Trump for inciting Capitol riot


JUST IN: Former first lady Michelle Obama calls on tech companies to permanently ban President Trump from their platforms and put policies in place “to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.”

CNN reporting that the White House has now fired this State Department appointee over these tweets


Arch conservative former Marine General, former DHS Secretary and Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly just told CNN he would vote to remove Trump under the #25thAmendmentNow.

ABC News @ ABC

White House Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany condemns Capitol siege on behalf of entire White House: “Those who violently besieged our Capitol are the opposite of everything this administration stands for." Impeachment article has 200 cosponsors: US rep. - ABC News

All completely normal typical events any given day… not.

Finally a bit of light entertainment as per the previous form.

Once Trump is effectively dead to the world on social media, we see the return of “two people with knowledge of discussions verified that the president had raised the issue in recent days…”,

Either they made this up as usual or Trump trolls the media via known leakers. You decide.


  1. ‘Grab the pussy’ - he’s the personification of the locker room. Nerds & Feminists hate him.

  2. Opposing ‘Foreverwar’ - CFR and every intelligence body hates him

  3. General tone - the smoothness contrast with phony Obama is shocking to many. They cannot compute and go nuts.

Colin Powell joins the ranks of the GET TRUMP insurgents.

The pan-narrative

LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said U.S. President Donald Trump was “completely wrong” to encourage his supporters to storm the Capitol on Wednesday.

“And as you say, as you suggest, in so far as he encouraged people to storm the Capitol and in so far as the president consistently has cast doubt on the outcome of a free and fair election, I believe that that was completely wrong,” he told a news conference on Thursday.

“And I unreservedly condemn encouraging people to behave in the disgraceful way that they did in the Capitol.”

On Capitol violence, Johnson says President Trump 'completely wrong' | Reuters

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!

JUST IN - Pelosi spent the night on calls to push impeachment next week. “An act of treason” is how she reportedly labels President Trump’s actions now. Scheduled a conference call with the House Democratic caucus at noon today.

Latest draft of the articles of impeachment that will be formally introduced on Monday includes one article: “incitement of insurrection.” Reps. Cicilline, Lieu and Raskin are taking the lead


Ilhan Omar @IlhanMN

Jan 6

I am drawing up Articles of Impeachment. Donald J. Trump should be impeached by the House of Representatives & removed from office by the United States Senate. We can’t allow him to remain in office, it’s a matter of preserving our Republic and we need to fulfill our oath.


The borgs bots are out again see if you spot this on your travels:

I love seeing trump fans cry. It’s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. Their pain is the only reason i’m still alive, I was born to love and enjoy the failure that they have achieved

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JUST IN - Speaker Nancy Pelosi reportedly told her caucus that she has safeguards in place in the event President Trump wants to launch a nuclear weapon (CNN).

Wha’s the bets he said, “loose lips sinks ships Nancy”.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told colleagues Friday that she phoned the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss ‘precautions’ to prevent Trump from starting a war or accessing nuclear launch codes.

She said she had asked Army General Mark Milley how to keep a ‘deranged president’ away from the nuclear codes and stop him from launching a unilateral military action.

Pelosi released the letter just minutes before House Democrats were to meet on a conference call to discuss whether to go ahead with a second impeachment of Trump, after he egged on his supporters in their march to the Capitol that led to a riot and multiple deaths – including of a Capitol Police officer.

She headed her comment: ‘Preventing an Unhinged President From Using the Nuclear Codes’ in a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter.

‘This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike,’ she informed them.

Notably, she did not reveal what response Milley provided, or whether any security guardrails have been established.

She has gone completely fucking nut. I have never seen this level of insanity, even from an 80 year semi-geriatric who blanks out on a regular basis. Not one single person who has the slightest idea how the nuclear chain of command works in the real world would even bring up this level of utter fantasy.

If I were a betting man I would start putting money on the bet that they are planning to do a Noriega on Trump. This is not about a transition. They want this guy either completely silenced or dead.

The single biggest fear of these people is less Trumps post inauguration political career but the rumor swirling around the last few weeks that Trump is seriously considering the real nuclear option- declassifying whole swatches of deeply embarrassing documents for the establishment. Given what came out about how totally compromised the FBI, CIA and other agencies are in their multiple attempts to topple Trump over the last four years this would be the ultimate payback.

That’s is mostly likely the real Great Game that is going on at the moment, trying to stop Trump declassifying and making public the crown jewels of the documentation of the Swamps bad behavior. I bet you there are some real doozie in there. That would shock even the most hardened and cynical critics of the Swamp.

We may be entering the Gotterdammerung period of the saga

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So this is the guy planning a military coup, starting a nuclear war, upending the Constitution and literately worse than Hitler…

Compare and contrast with Chuck Schumer recent performances, to pick just one example…

We are royally fucked if the Democratic Party keeps up this Der Sturmer level of propaganda hate for the next few weeks.

Your posts in this, and C19 are always so interesting. I’m a relative newcomer / newly awoken to all this and it has been quite a learning curve, so thank you for posting.
But even I can see they are acting utterly irrationally, and their actions (especially the rapid rate of events in 2020) have unsettled and probably awoken many more. Which is ridiculous if they are in control - if they are, why not take more time? Boil the frogs more slowly?
I’m leaning towards declass. And will be watching to see if there is a vote in the House before noon on the 20th (something Steve Bannon said in an interview last autumn - clip shown on Warroom again in January).
Or I could be totally wrong! Hard to know who to follow, at any time and especially now, or how to filter and evaluate information.

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Yes could be Decalss (of a type no one is prepared for) but also chatter online is the DNI report on election fraud and foreign interface was brought down to Congress after they finished the certifying the fraud. Full scale PANIC since then.

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Just seen - a new EO from 05/01/21

Before it’s gone

CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk

Speaker Pelosi says the House will try to pass a resolution calling on VP Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office


So along with destroying him politically and personally, they are now going after his professional life. This is Soviet tier stuff. A warning to anyone not to meddle in the affairs of the political class in the future…

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