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But it is Deutsche Bank. That paragon of German probity.

Here is a partial list of their scandals…

I think they are currently up to around $22 billion in fines. As of yesterday. Afternoon.


I wonder will Trump Inc make it to 2022?

The hotels/golf courses are losing money hand over fist, the banks want their money back and now the cash cows are under threat.

I see a new Trump law suit in NYC’s future :slight_smile:


The terms appear to be to the death - then again it could all be a show, and he gets a plush spot in Argentina somwhere for being a good sport, cause you know he is literally Hitler :wink:

Plus who can think in terms of years right now, Irish gov can only think in cases, but Donny, maybe Donny and the Dems can think in years, like 4 more and then another 4? Weird times…

EDIT: I see you appended “Inc”, well isn’t all the Family Biz in the hands of the rest of the Family. Start a thread… Trump Inc Watch has a ring to it. Not enough Trump threads, yet… :sunglasses:


Rejoice! :rofl:

They’re back, all of Trumps tweets appear to have been archived by GAB and re-instated in a gab version of the original account.

See what they did not want you to see.


Off with his head!

Jan 9th (Reminder) Michelle Obama :crown: :hearts::hearts::hearts: calls on tech giants to permanently ban Trump

Archived link -

A few other Big Tech moves against others

Paypal Block

Archived link:



A good Twattering is wot you need!


BREAKING: Twitter says it has suspended 70,000+ accounts that were “engaged in sharing harmful QAnon-associated content”



Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US

I thought that story wasn’t true?


Not sure. I do know that a lot of TV networks have edited out the Trump scene in Home Alone though. :roll_eyes:


Oh boy, this is going to get hard.
I mean, if they start removing Trump from history, who should they tell the children was in charge of Germany during world war 2?


Trumps facebook is back up -


Mike Lindell the “my pillow” guy has twitter acc suspended.

Andy NGO


Really feel sorry for Andy. He is a good guy. A proper old style reporter not a “journalist”. Knowing Portland as long as I do and the exactly what type of people are in the Portland black block and their history I have little doubt that if they get an opportunity they will kill him. And they would suffer no consequences.

He crossed the line not by posting the mugshots of those arrested but by showing that all local major media outlets both print and TV were actively conspiring to coverup and whitewash what the rioters were doing and who they were. The fact that all but one of the “journalists” covering the story for the main city newspaper were sympathizers or active supporters of the rioters and that the TV stations news crews quickly caved to harassment and intimidation and only ran non-negative stories was the story too far. At least in Seattle the main local TV station KIRO has been running unrelentingly negative (and accurate) stories about the criminal scum running the riots on Capitol Hill and Downtown which has sort of goaded the others into less flattering coverage of the rioters.

It was when I saw the stories about the journalists writing for the Oregonian being pro Antifa and the TV crews changing stories due to intimation that I knew Andy’s fate was sealed. The black bloc guys now know they can kill him and the story would be reported “asian man dies in middle of the night attack in warehouse district…”. And no follow up guaranteed.

Because that is how the MSM works. Humiliate them and show them up and they will try to destroy you. And usually succeed.


Dobbs canceled.


Who’s next folks. Can’t you see what’s happening.


Michael Yeafon is gone from twitter- saw this posted…


Some more of that trademark, healing and unity.


Videos from Trump’s team yesterday, highlighting double standards regarding political speech & rhetoric…

Interesting development today - a vote by Democrats, supported by some republicans, that they want to call witnesses.

Disclose tv report that Trump’s team have had a rapid response to this - and have a list of over 300 witnesses (so far) that they want to call…”just getting started”


Ted Cruz is tweeting out some questions submitted by senators that didn’t make the cut to be asked. Link to thread:



… and now a reversal? No witnesses and on to closing arguments?