'Get Your Money Back' Seminar to be held in Dublin

‘Get Your Money Back’ Seminar to be held in Dublin → overseascafe.blogspot.com/2010/0 … -held.html

For anyone caught with up in this you may want to give it a go.

I heard of a group of “Nigerian e-mail” scammers who used to go back for second helpings from their succesful “clients”.

The person who had been stung would get an e-mail a few months later purporting to be from another victim of the scammers who had managed to get a list of his fellow victims. This guy just happened to be an ex-special forces soldier who was oplanning on hunting down the scammers and getting the victims’ money back. However he neesed a few grand for flights, stun grenades etc. All you had to do was send him your account details… :smiley:

There’s no way I’d get involved with these guys, unless it was on a no-win no-fee basis.

If they really know what steps to take then wouldn’t it be available for free by now on the Internet?

Hey, what a bizarre coincidence – I actually know that ex-special forces anti-scamming scammer. In fact I’m hot on his heels to recover that money he took. I just need some money for flights, plastic handcuffs, etc. Now if I could just have your account details…

OMG. Sorry not a great contribution to the thread but OMG

For those who invested in developments not built in Bulgaria (and Spain) then its great that there is some action group, however how successful any of this will be I have my doubts…these developers took the money and ran, or ran out of money, there is no money there to claim back…and often very convoluted ownership details…

It would be interesting to hear of some of their successes.

on the deposit

And how were they going to pay the rest of the purchase price?

Lucky escape i would say

Nobody will ever get their money back as it’s all long spent at this stage, all you’ll be doing is throwing good money after bad.

Sure, no problem:

Bank: Anglo Irish Bank, Dublin
Account Number: 93944569
Sort Code: 98-53-30

Help yourself to as much as you need, you’re sure gonna need it against those crazy Africans.
Best of luck.