Getting daft square foot statistics...

you have to do it for a while before you get a good idea of the averages, and it strips away a lot of BS

€1157 /sq ft is above the 850-900 for the usual Orwell pads , room to negotiate down to that prob.

Yay, another convert. :smiley:

Duisigh, I think many of the Rathgar vendors are more in denial than other vendors of status properties in other premium areas. I think there is a certain consensus out there that around €550 per sq ft is the standard at the moment. We’ll see, it is a beautiful house but I think they’re mad asking that much straight off, they’ll just have to do bigger drops to catch up.

PS Duisigh, you’ve been on fire recently, sterling work, meanwhile I’ve been slacking off :blush: I’ll get back to it soon, promise. :smiley:


It wouldn’t be all that hard to write a tool that would webscrape and pull out the price & sq footage for each property, and stick it in a database and generate an average for each area, etc. Not that I’m volunteering :smiley:

That’s what I was thinking Mambo, surely it must be possible? Oh please somebody, please. 8DD

Although I’m sure TUG/mambo etc will be along to move us along many houses don’t have area listed, the expensive ones do though , the EAs are let away with murder.

it’s easy enough to write a regex [search string ] to scrape a text pipe for square footage, but DAFT doesn’t have a specific field for it, so it’s very rough.

Might try and knock up something in the next few minutes … watch this space.

Ooooh, I might just wee myself :laughing:

Btw, I might take back my earlier statement re consensus on €550 per sq ft having seen some of the ones you’ve done recently. We were seeing a load a few weeks back though.

I did do wget |egrep “sq foot” - but I’d forgotten I need to turn it into an AWK script then I can get address, price, etc, once we have something we can beg nemonoid or TUG to have a wrapper service,

I have no idea what any of that means… but GREAT :smiley: :laughing:

I think the main problem would be having to rely on daft to have a standard style for size. Do they do that?

I actually already have a script for this as part of Daftwatch. Most ads have a “Overall Floor Area:” at the start of the advert which could be used to tease out some kind of rough estimate but a lot of properties just don’t have the information.

I can look at throwing up the data in some CSV files later or maybe adding some kind of distribution graph on Daftwatch.

Great stuff nemonoid. 8DD

It is a problem that not all ads include the info, but maybe, just maybe if we start tracking this info more, the word will get round and they’ll start including it? Anyway, we should get some kind of idea for starters.

Would it be possible to take the description used (3 bed semi or whatever) aswell, would be interesting see the difference in floor area for these styles of houses at the same time?

What is the reason again that info can’t be had off myhome, as people put the info on there more regularly?

MyHome don’t like us scraping the info in the first place! A little debacle back in the day, there was… :smiling_imp:

the sq. ft or sq. m figures are not reliable. Estate Agents will overstate them by as much as they feel they can get away with.
If this takes off I’m going to add 20% to whatever price per square X price you arrive at.

They’ve certainly changed their tune of late (of sorts) :nin

The whole purpose of Daftwatch is to give a guide on trends, it’s not an accurate measurement in anyway. It’s not like the prices or anything else on there are reliable either :unamused:

Price/Sq.ft is an excellent parameter to keep track of. Unfortunately a lot of properties on Daft dont include it, or it is somewhere in the spiel of the ad, so its a bitch to try to automatically scrape it. I modified the Sale History on to allow users to upload the Sq. Ft , from viewing the daft ad, and calculate Price/Sq.Ft. Hopefully if there is enough data I can generate a chart over time.Here is an example: … ?id=313355

Things to do :

1: €/sq foot Breakdown by Postcode and House Type

For example : D4,1 Bed Apartment, 350/sq foot
D6,2 Bed Apartment, 210/sq/foot
D15, 3 Bed Apartment, €110/sq foot
D6, 5 Bed Detached, €800/sq foot

I know this is very very rough. But I believe it’s a metric that’s very very useful for comparative purposes

To put words on some of the points above from running the numbers for the last few weeks :

a: Sq foot is given in about 65-70% of the gaffs. However it isn’t normally given in the allocated DAFT Field. Therefore a rough context search algorithm
search for {0-9}, period, the words 'sq/Sq/SQ/Square, Foot,Ft,M/Metres} against the descriptive body would be needed ] As I said above, this is ideal for regexing

Postcode and House Type can be easily found already in the text.

b: For those that are NOT provided, for example a plain 1 bed apartment. We can allocate standard metric estimates to these As I have been doing] . For example

1 Bed Apartment = 550 sq ft
3 Bed Semi = 1000 sq ft.

In some cases this will way underestimate the size but this will cause the €/sq ft to be very expensive, so the apartment will look less appealing, if EAs see this they will measure it, enter it on DAFT, and when we recalculate it’ll cause the €/sq ft to come down

c: as for EAs increasing the Sq footage, if they do that it’ll cause the opposite problem, but as soon as someone sees it they’ll figure out the EAs are telling porkies.

Whaddya think ? FFS why oh why don’t we have a national register with this crap already done, just stick a web service wrapper on it and we’d be done ]

PPS it’s almost as if someone wanted the property market to not be transparent :wink: :unamused: :laughing:

If you could link it to the google mapped property locations, the best way to present it would be a temperature plot of house prices over the city.

any chance of having it sq meter rather than foot and then it is comparable to other EU states?

other EU states can compare to ours !

Jess, the devil is in the details here, my wish is to try and get detailed sq footage pricing for residential, which the EAs here have resisted massively because it causes them to have less bullshit room.