GFC 2.0 ? or not?


Yeah, reading all sorts of stuff across the web since last week.

Deutsche Bank linked to much of it.

Who knows. Would anyone be surprised? The real question of course is what does it all mean for the price of a three bed semi in Conskeagh?


Doesn’t that chart just show that debt secured on equities is proportional to total market cap?


As an economic illiterate, I was afraid to say that. :smiley:
Yeah, looks like investors borrow against their equity when markets are going up, and then have to sell stuff to pay for margin calls when they go down. Isn’t that normal?


Most of the rest on this list of top ten Market Cap fallers presaged either the dot com crash or the Sept 2008 bailout anarchy.


Investors spooked by limits to growth in a finite world, who’ve thunked that.
Did they seriously think that it would continue to grow indefinitely?


Bond yield inverting in 3,4 and 5 year T-bonds. Does that mean money is starting to leave the market?

I’m foggy about this but any good explanations?

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looking more and more likely that 2019 will be the year

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Will have to impact on bonuses etc. In docklands tech into the new year. With associated knock on effects on paye tax take.


I think I’m about 9% off peak portfolio valuation. Tech stock exposure is mostly through cap weighted indexes.

As in all industries, successful tech companies tend to die not by losing market share, but by losing markets.


Dow down 2.91% today.


Trump savages Federal Reserve as stock plunge worsens -

The bit about the fed calling the banks to ensure they have enough liquidity is eh… interesting


Nikkei down a long way at its open


Mnuchin calls big US banks after huge stock market falls -



Huge 5% rally

US stock markets rally after pre-Christmas slump -


So not a speculative bubble. No way. No sirree