GFC 2.0 ? or not?


I fell like they wasted the effect to protect the bubble, instead of waiting for first wave to break it and then help to maintain some sensible level which would help in long months needed to recover society.

Although, bubble was “sensible” to them :confused:


# ECB announces €750 billion Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP)


Panic Emergency Purchase Programme.

So what will be the inflation for 2020? 15 or 20%? :confused:


The resignation surge or phenomena noted, tracked and watched for some time, has been given a more recent look at by ZH.


Thread title could almost be changed to
Great depression 2.0 or not?


CEOs have been pumping their own stock right in front of investors eyes for years. Anyone who hasn’t figured it out has no place writing about investments. All those companies have been using cheap money to do share buybacks. How otherwise do people imagine the markets got to such dizzying heights when everyone is so loaded with debt?

Why do you think the markets entered a mad panic at the merest hint that the Fed (or anyone else) would try to reign in Q.E.? This is not an oddity, it has been the plan all along. The people with assets have been taking everyone else to the cleaners. And shareholders have been loving it. You pay a CEO tens of millions and a ton of shares to increase shareholder value. What’s he gonna do when the path of least resistance is to use other people’s money to buy the company’s own stock?

Obviously the insanity had to stop some day, and it is hardly a surprise that it was triggered by something like Covid-19. But the virus was not the cause of it nor should we get all conspiratorial about the coincidence. It’s simply an opportune time for overpriced executives to make off with their swag.

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